Friday, July 8, 2011

Bad Art

Holy shit, there is so much bad art! There is even a Museum of Bad Art called the MOBA. Apparently you can submit your work to them. Well do it! Anyway, if you flip through the pics the weird thing is you see work that is rampant all around. Muddied shit stains if art. God help us. No wonder the art arena is so convoluted (cue the dancing dildos). If you haven't figured out by now, dildos are a recurrent theme of mine-- not because I'm infatuated or anything -- they just evoke the correct tone. Ya know? Like douche, nothing can replace douche. When used as a noun, douche gets it done!

So here is a piece to get your jollies with.

Bad! Bad!


Elizabeth and Sorn Pöckel, Copenhagen, Denmark

What the fuck is it? A frozen dog sphinx... The abominable snow fucker? A dildo?


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