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The Public Art Program of the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs requests the submission of qualifications from professional artists to work with the Park and Recreation Department and the Community of Pleasant Grove to participate in the Master-Planning Phase for Dallas’ newest signature park in historic Pleasant Grove.

Pleasant Grove is a neighborhood situated ten miles to the southeast of downtown Dallas that celebrates a great diversity in its residents and most of the homes were built in the mid-20th century. The neighborhood environments in the Pleasant Grove region vary between urban and nearly rural. The geography of Pleasant Grove is defined by Prairie Creek, that runs through Crawford Memorial Park and the Trinity River Basin making it a part of the bird migration pathway though the area.

Future plans for the area include connections to the city-wide trail system, providing access to other areas in southeastern Dallas, the Great Trinity Forest and possibly to a DART light-rail train station.

Natural Environment
The unusually sandy soils support a Post Oak Savannah environment that is uncommon for this region. Additionally, the park is bisected by Prairie Creek creating diverse stream and wetland habitats. The park is densely wooded in the central portions of the park and along Prairie Creek with multiple opportunities for overlooks. The southern area, which is currently unused, has a mix of environments including the Post Oak Savannah, open meadow and wooded area along Prairie Creek.
Established as a park in 1954, Crawford Memorial Park is a 265 acre multi-use park containing a two-mile walking trail, eight soccer fields, three softball fields, a pavilion and a playground in southeast Dallas.
A maintenance service facility is also located in the northern section of the park. The south-western sector is heavily wooded and is not currently programmed. The park’s western edge is bordered by a neighborhood of single family homes with two distinct entry points.

SCOPE OF PUBLIC ART MASTER PLANNING The Park and Recreation Department of the City of Dallas will begin a Master Planning process in fall 2010 which will last for 7-8 months.

The Master Planning Phase will include the participation of an artist or artist-team in
  • 2-3 neighborhood meetings,
  • Interviews with key stake holders
  • 2-3 meetings with the Planning and Design committee of the Park Board,
  • Planning discussions by conference call or email with the master planning team over a period of eight months.

The Master Planning Phase will include a review and discussion of:
  • Vehicular Circulation and Parking
  • Trails, Trailhead Facilities and Park Features (i.e. overlooks, nodes, bridge locations, etc.)
  • Park Access and Pedestrian Circulation (including multi-modal access options)
  • Sports / Athletic Facilities
  • Playgrounds
  • Skate Park
  • Service Center (potential onsite or offsite relocation)
  • Recreation Center (architecture to be consistent identity)
  • Family Aquatics Center (architecture to be consistent identity)
  • Indoor Rental Facility (architecture to be consistent identity)
  • (3) Open Air Pavilions (architecture to be consistent identity)
  • Natural Amphitheater
  • Lighting
  • Security
  • Prairie Creek Embankment Restoration Strategy
  • Lake(s) and dam(s) location and layout (including preliminary review of regulatory requirements)
  • Landscape Preservation and Restoration Strategy
  • Infrastructure requirements
  • Design Guidelines for the Park Plan

At the conclusion of the Master-Planning Phase the artist or artist-team will submit a written Public Art Master Plan outlining the process, the findings of the process and the planning recommendations for public art at Crawford Memorial Park.

The next phase will be a Design Phase will require the artist or artist-team to incorporate the findings of the Public Art Master Plan and to work with the design team over a period of approximately 12 months. At this time a new RFQ will be issued.

The final phase will be an Implementation Phase which will include, fabrication and installation of Public Art in Crawford Memorial Park. The timeline for the Implementation Phase has not been determined at this time. The budget for Design and Implementation is expected to be $338,000.

A panel comprised of arts professionals and community representatives will review qualified submissions. In early August 2010, a small group of artists will be short-listed for the project and each artist will be requested to provide a site specific concept based on an investigation of the park. Each artist selected will receive a stipend of $2,000 to cover costs of visiting the site and producing a 2D public art concept proposal for the park. The site-specific proposals will be used to assess the artist’s creative process and approach to the master planning process, but will not necessarily be a part of the final master plan. Short-listed artists will present their proposal to the selection committee in early September 2010 and one artist or artist-team will be selected for review and approval by the Public Art Committee and the Cultural Affairs Commission and other city agencies as required.

BUDGET The Master-Planning budget of up to $25,000 must cover all costs associated with the participation in the master-planning process and development of a master plan for public art including but not limited to artist’s fee, travel, lodging and per diem, insurance, materials, shop drawings, engineer’s fees and drawings, any graphic design and miscellaneous supplies.

All professional artists are eligible to apply, except for artists currently under contract with the City of Dallas Public Art Program, employees of the City of Dallas, their spouses, members of the Public Art Committee, or any consultants under contract for any phase of these projects are ineligible. The City of Dallas Cultural Policy prohibits undergraduate students from being considered for Public Art projects.
Additional qualifications include:
· Demonstrated successful completion of a major park project or project of commensurate size and scope,
· Demonstrated ability to work with a design team and landscape designers to develop a master plan for the park, tentatively scheduled for Fall 2010-January 2011
· Ability to work on a design phase for the public art component of the park, based on the master plan, tentatively scheduled for February 2011-Spring 2012.
· Ability to attend scheduled 2-3 community and 2-3 design team meetings in Dallas.

SUBMITTAL MATERIALS –electronic submissions only (email –total file size not to exceed 2MB, link to website, or CD mailed to address below)
1. Professional resume
2. JPEG images of five recent works with image list: title, date, media, dimensions
3. JPEG images of previous Public Art or Park projects of commensurate scope.
4. Letter outlining qualifications, interest and ability to complete the project.
5. Names and contact information of three references.



Kendall Ferguson at
Public Art Coordinator
1925 Elm Street
Dallas, Texas 75201
(214) 670-5639
TERMS AND CONDITIONS Application for any project advertised by the City of Dallas Public Art Program constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined in this prospectus as well as recognition of ordinances and policies of the City of Dallas (including the Good Faith Effort and the Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise goals of the City Dallas).

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  1. The submission deadline for the Crawford Park is August 4th!