Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fictional Art Exhibit Dallas Bath House Cultural Center
Ann Huey

July10-August 7, 2010 Opening Reception with the Artists:
Saturday, July 10, 2010 (7-9 PM) - Free and open to the public

Play plots from theatre festival serve as inspiration for visual artists
Fictional was conceived as a collaborative project between the Bath House gallery and the 12th Annual Festival of Independent Theatres (FIT). In the same spirit as FIT, which strives to celebrate the talent of local independent theatre companies, the exhibition also has as its main goal to provide a showcase for the innovative, transcendent, and thriving art created by local and regional visual artists. Artists from the DFW area, as well as from other Texas cities such as Conroe, Red Oak, Little Elm, Burnet, and Austin, are included in the exhibition. The themes of the exhibited artwork derive from elemental aspects of the plot of each of the eight one-act plays that are being presented as part of FIT in 2010. Artists were asked to choose from a list of short blurbs that briefly described the plots of the festival plays and to create a new work of art based on the selected blurb. From the beginning, artists were discouraged from studying the content of the theater plays so as to avoid exhibiting artwork that merely illustrates the literary works. Instead, the artists were asked to consider the short blurbs for their own inspirational merit in order to create personal, unique, and independent interpretations of the phrases.
The blurbs that inspired the artwork in the Fictional exhibition are: Reconstructed Alice in Wonderland; Bible Heroines; The Boy, the Girl, the Moonfish; Mystery Girl Scout; Transforming Muses; Snake urban legends; A day spent in purgatory; and Pontiacs, Trains, and Disneyland.
The participating artists are Rita Barnard, Rebecah Beauchamp, Amber Block, Lisa Cardenas, Rainee Carlson, Ray-Mel Cornelius, Christa Diepenbrock, Kathleen Donovan, Cuyler Etheredge, Jacque Forsher, María Teresa García Pedroche, Rebecca Guy, Ann Huey, Carmen Kelley, Anna Kiewit, B. R. Kline, KeLaine Kvale, Susan Lecky, Victoria Lewelling, Suzanne Lewis, Rosie Lindsey, Jim Lively, Darrell Madis, Solange Mariel, Julia McLain, Anne Neal, Valerie Ontiveros, Kelly Pevehouse, Thomas Potter, Marla Ripperda, Johanna Roffino-Hulsey, Patty Rooney, Jeanne Sturdevant, Carroll Swenson-Roberts, Leslie Swinson, Madeleine Terry, Rosalinda Trevino Stone, Mary Ann Turner, Michael Joachim Westried Soriano, Marisa Williamson, and Scott Wright.
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