Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where are people buying artwork? Where do you Buy Art?

I was curious as to where most people bought there art from so I posed a question on the Facebook forum. The answers were interesting.

I was wondering where is your favorite place to purchase artwork? Do you go to galleries-- do you go to coffee shop showings? If you are an artist, do you purchase artwork? I going to write an new article about it.


Johanna Roffino-Hulsey August 19 at 9:42pm
I have a wish list of my favorite artists. Most all of them are people I know personally and admire. Sometimes I get a good deal or get to trade. I like our area cultural centers and non-profit venues and places (like mine) that support local artists without taking a high commission.

Joey DeRuy August 19 at 9:29pm
I do go to art galleries and I also buy art. I like the lower Hater in the lower Height and at sketch tuesdays at 111 minna. The only official painting I purchased I found on the internet. I have bartered with other artists. Ill even buy from a show usually when its a group show.
I like changing venues that mix shows with fashion and d.j. like joey gross for
Mostly I but my art of the street when I see a working painter selling and painting .

i hope this helps. let me know if you have any questions and yes. i always try to suggest to friends and show on my website your work. I try to keep it consistent . : )
Debs Artglass August 19 at 8:51pm
I am a thrift store art collector//salvation armies and good wills//as well as canton first monday//and on occasion street fairs
thanks for asking
Dar Duncan August 19 at 8:47pm
I wrote my answer on your wall, but I'll email it to you too.

I'm an artist, so on my home walls hang mostly my own artwork. I love to browse galleries and have many contemporary art books & magazines. I try to support other artists by purchasing a "little something" when I attend art sales or craft fairs; a piece of jewelry, a print, a small photo or a few notecards. 
Marlene Picard August 19 at 7:56pm 
Galleries, auctions - all over the world
Roadside stops in weird places, too (rare) 
Julie Luz Whiston August 19 at 7:33pm  
Hello, as an artist I do my own artwork. when doing art shows some of us trade our art, or just help one another out and buy what we can afford. Shows are done in resturants, nite clubs on nites not busy.
Liz London August 19 at 7:31pm
I make art and as a an artist I usually only buy from very young meaning artists just starting out in their craft. Usually at some small show. Thanks

Tatyana Thorp August 19 at 7:23pm  
I am an artist, and I do buy artwork!.. Must be reasonably priced, though... I love little galleries on Camp Bowie in Fort Worth, with their Spring and Fall Gallery Nights. Tatyana 
Duane Kirby Jensen August 19 at 5:18pm
Hi Sonia.
I have been following Art Hash for a while. It is actually on my yahoo home page, upper left hand comer.

I have been buying artwork since 1988 and own over 70 paintings and sculpture. My first one was from a restaurant that took art as seriously as they did their menu. Over the years I have purchased art from cafes, galleries, and directly from artist in their studio or via the internet. A few of who that I made contact with through MySpace.

As an artist, most of my artwork has been purchased via the internet through MySpace and Facebook connections. A few have sold in galleries Most recently I was distributing cards for my September exhibit and had a person ask me about a particular piece. I brought it up to her the next day and she purchased it. Art sales can happen anywhere. More importantly internet exposure is leveling the playing field for artist and freeing them up from the stranglehold of Gallery whims.

I hope that helps with your article,
Tofu St. John August 19 at 5:57pm  
Hi Sonia,

When I collect work myself, I unfortunately am on a tight budget.
I often get small works at various artists' open studios.
When I hosted open studios myself, I also sold a lot of art that way.

The gallery that reps me in SF (SFMoMA's Artist's Gallery) is a really good fit for my work and it is doing well.

Also, I always find some cool art at APE

As for caf├ęs - pretty much useless. I know more artists who have had work stolen rather than sold. It's amazing how many times I hear about theft.

On another note, I am actually launching a boutique gallery website in about a month. It's going to be a small site about small art that is designed to help artists sell some small work and connect with potential collectors. I've found most art selling websites fail by being too big, too cluttered and a complete lack of curation. We're going to stay small and have small art for a fixed price (under $30). Realistically, it is unlikely for first-timer buyers to purchase expensive art online. Buyers will be more risk positive when it comes to small reasonably priced pieces.

I'll be doing a call for artists and other details soon, and will keep you posted.

- Tofu
Chad Christopher Dixon August 19 at 5:22pm  
I don't go anywhere to buy artwork.. I make all my own, since being an artist.. I'm able to do just that ... Samples of mine are on here.. but stuff on here are just samples and some fan art while in college; the latter I don't have up are in books.. and need to be uploaded.

If I was going to buy artwork from anyone.. The artwork would have to be from one of my favorite artists.. and If I were going to buy there art... than i would just go to there website.. Most professional ""Well establlished"" artists have their own website and blah blah blah..


Nick Gaetano August 19 at 4:44pm  
i am an artist
when i lived in Dallas i actually bought a bunch_galleries_500X_5X7 shows_from friends_not very expensive (under$1,000) & not very big but i did buy a lot
i live in laguna beach now (last 5-6 years) haven't bought a thing 
 Melanie Sinclair August 19 at 4:26pm  

I have a great collection of the work of friends and colleagues that I traded for. I give them mine and they give me theirs, and we are both happy. This works with artists who feel they are on the same level as you, but if they are think they are better they won't trade.


Jen Voss Gunnerson One of my guilty pleasures is browsing for artwork on eBay. I have purchased some really great pieces there!
Joyce Martin You asked where I purchase other artists work. It varies. Sometimes directly from them if we happen to be close, sometimes at auctions, rarely at galleries and I have commissioned artwork.

Eva Yong August 20 at 7:41pm 
I think it depends on what I can generally afford at the time. I don't necessarily have to buy originals if a copy or print gives me the feeling that an original does. I have bought artwork at flea markets, art festivals, in museums, on vacation, on art websites, art galleries, and even dept stores and Target. I'm not an art snob.

Since I am an artist (and think I have an artist's eye), one thing I don't buy is work that looks cranked out because it lacks feeling and style.

Eva Yong 
Diana Celesky August 20 at 10:36am 
I go to galleries and other art exhibits and sometimes purchase pieces there. A friend and I also have fun going to thrift stores to find some truly interesting original works of art. Have fun with your story. 
Sergio A. Delgado August 20 at 8:41am  
I am an artist and I tend to buy work in galleries. Mainly from other artist that I admire and try to support. Let me know if you would like me to answer any other questions. 
Sharon L. Backus Hanson August 20 at 6:18am 
Yes! I am an artist and the first place now that I buy the art of others is at our studio, Olde Towne Art, in Portsmouth. We have 25 highly talented artists and I've collected pieces by almost all of them! I also love to go to local events like Gosport Arts Festival and the upcoming Seawall event. I also collect pottery so am constantly on the look-out for special pieces and got a fabulous raiki vase at Riverview Gallery. 
Peggie Falkner August 20 at 1:38am
hey sonia! sounds like you are on to a good thing girl!

i like to buy artwork at shows, so i can meet the actual artist. i don't see too much artwork out there that is very exciting (except yours! i really do like your work...i am crazy about the piece on rusk street!)......but when the artist is connected to the work, then i am buying an experience, not just a piece of artwork. the interaction with the artist becomes an savored time if they have interesting personalities as well as interesting work.

i know you are thrilled that i waxed poetic for you........ =)

hi ! sorry for taking so long...humm. honestly i think that most people here in NYC buy art in the soho...a lot of artist exhibit their stuff...also closer to the metropolitan museum....i don't know if the craigslist thing works...i see a lot of as=ds there...of curse people who have money go to various gallery in Chelsea or Soho....i think people also talk to art dealers for advice....
let me know if y need more info....



  1. This is a good collection of response and as you suspected, very informative. I hope more response are added down the line. Beyond simply telling were they acquire their art, it also shows how they feel and connect with it. There is passion in many of these response.

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