Monday, August 2, 2010

Selling Art on Criagslist

I have seen lots of art on Criagslist. As an artist I have also listed works on Craigslist.  My experience was not very fruitful, which is the same as many other artists I have talked to.  So what is the good part about craigslist?  The good part is that you can browse through and see listings of places that may need art in your area.  Some local smaller venues list call to Artists on there as well as coffee shops and restaurants.  Some art services such as wall mural painting and things like that might work better for that particular outlet.

Here is what some of you had to say about your experiences.

Joey Bowman August 1 at 12:56pm
Only received lots of spam!

Junanne Peck August 1 at 10:26am
I never go to Craigslist...I would be interested to hear the response from those who have tried this ...... 
Nick Gaetano August 2 at 2:29am Report
i haven't tried that _but i'm selling my first print from my site and i'm thinking about setting up a site just for prints

Joshua Adam Lynn August 1 at 5:53pm Report
Hi there Sonia, I use craigslist a lot. I don't use it to sell finished work, butt I do use it to offer my services and also find out about events and such that are comming up. My approach on craigslist is going thru the jobs/ and wanted sections and finiding things I can build. I then contact the person (not sending any links or pictures) and let them know what I do, if they're intrested and ask for my link I then send it some times a photo or two. Once the person and I are talking I can get them a quote going (which I offer as a free service) and we go back and fourth until one of two things happens: either I get the job (which is what I preferr) or I don't. I do find a lot of people on there looking for free items and some that want to barter for next to nothing, it is difficult to get contracts thru this site but I've had a few come out of there so I continue to use it. I would like to see similar site with out soo many beggers and scammers.

Joshua Lynn custom furniture maker 

Mike Flynn I don't trust cl anymore!

SOnia Semone really-- do tell

Mike Flynn Well, as far as finding employment, many of the emails I sent ended up in delivery failure. I also tried selling collectables I have, only to get strange responses for starting my own business propositions. I hardly believe anyone uses CL t...o buy art. Many ads are posted to entice us to send images, only to be left in the lurch. Many too exploit artists by offering chances to show art, but we have to pay a hefty fee, and the venues are places no one goes to look at art anyway. I found and to be good sites to set up portfolios free of charge, but again, no one responds. Sometimes the best way to reach people is by taking the work to the streets, either craft shows or just random areas where people gather. It takes work, and many artists just prefer to create.

Hey Semone-
I tried extensively to sell artwork on Craigslist about three years ago, with full color images but got absolutely no response whatsoever. I have managed to get work as a private art instructor through Craigslist twice. Once in the DFW area and I had a student in Houston for about three months who wanted to learn watercolor earlier this year but he had to quit as higher work obligations left him with little time to practice.
Melanie S.

hmm..seen them but dont know much about them...cant hurt to be on anything that can link to you though.
Cody H


  1. I like Craigslist. I do not list my paintings, but respond to ads from cafes, salons, stores, etc., looking for art to hang in their place of business. I currently have 6 displays around the Seattle area , thanks to Craigslist (sold 4 paintings since January this year.)

  2. I like using craigslist as I've found some great recently was a furniture store that opened a 2nd local. the other a new store selling local art, crafts, etc, both currently have some work and in good spots...BUT this has been through years of checking regularly. also, I found my guy that makes my panels on craigslist, almost 7 years ago and still having him custom make...good luck all, raymond.

  3. I tried selling on Craigslist- no sales but it did generate some traffic to my website (no sales but more eyes saw my work) I got a few spams and a few strange emails requesting that I send my work first, payment to follow. Selling - no, promoting-maybe.

  4. I would like to try to promote my photography and art work on craigs list some day when I am not busy. Having traffic to your sites is a great thing. I wish you the best of luck on your art sales.