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The Church - Under The Milky WayThe Church - Under The Milky Way


The MAC is proud to present three new exhibitions in November. James Drake: Dancing in the Louvre, Robert Polidori: Selections from Parcours Muséologique Revisité and Hadar Sobol: Go. Between the multifarious mediums and distinct concepts, these three artists share motifs of history, place and identity.

The opening reception will be Saturday, November 5, 2011 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at The MAC galleries, located at 3120 McKinney Avenue, in the Uptown District of Dallas. Exhibitions will be on view through December 10, 2011.

In the Large Gallery
James Drake
Dancing in the Louvre
James Drake, Dancing in the Louvre, 2005,
charcoal on paper mounted on canvas, 144" x 96"
James Drake, renowned artist and recipient of the 2011 Texas Medal of Arts Award in the visual arts category will feature his large scale charcoal drawings and white cut-outs in the large gallery of The MAC. Drake's work spans a variety of media including painting, drawing, sculpture and video. The MAC will exhibit Drake's monumental, charcoal drawings based on his interest in borders -- literally and metaphorically. Alluding to historical references, Drake delineates boundaries attributing to personal prejudices, political barriers and their visceral outcomes. Drake's most recent work, a series of "white cut-outs", are elegant works on paper masterfully created using only an X-Acto blade. The subtractive nature of this work creates a striking contrast to the layering of materials common in the charcoal drawings.
James Drake, Tongue-Cut Sparrow, 1996, charcoal on paper mounted on canvas,
144" x 96"

James Drake received his BFA and MFA from Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, California. In 2011, Drake was awarded the Texas Medal of Arts Award in the visual arts category. The Texas Medal of Arts Awards, the signature event of the Texas Cultural Trust Council, spotlights and celebrates the creative excellence, exemplary talents and outstanding contributions by Texas in selected categories, ultimately featuring the best in Texas. Drake's work is part of many private collections and permanent museum collections including the Whitney Museum of American Art, National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and the Dallas Museum of Art. Drake is represented by Holly Johnson Gallery in Dallas, Arthur Roger Gallery in New Orleans and Moody Gallery in Houston.

In the Square Gallery
Robert Polidori
Selections from Parcours Muséologique Revisité

World renowned photographer, Robert Polidori will exhibit Selections from Parcours Muséologique Revisité in the Square Gallery of The MAC. This series of photographs is part of a project spanning a quarter of a decade to capture the restoration of the royal palace of Versailles. These images are congruent with his larger body of work, revealing his reoccurring interest in the idea of an interior space retaining the personality and soul of its previous inhabitants. Polidori displays each room as a vessel, empty of life but maintaining a historical legacy.

In Selections from Parcours Muséologique Revisité, Polidori examines the significance of restoring an important historical site. In an effort to keep France's vibrant history alive, each room in the palace is carefully restored to mirror its original state. What Polidori sees is a "historical revisionism" or an appropriation of our contemporary world view onto the restoration process, diluting the historical accuracy.
Robert Polidori, Empty Frame, Salles du XVII, Chateau du Versailles, 1985
C-Print mat/Fujicolor Crystal Archive print, mounted to Dibond, 51 3/4" x 61 3/4"
Robert Polidori was born in Montreal, Quebec and now lives and works in New York City. His work has been exhibited internationally and across the United States. A staff photographer of The New Yorker, Polidori has received numerous honors, including a World Press Award for his coverage of the building of the Getty Museum and the Alfred Eisenstaedt Award for Magazine Photography in 1999 and 2002. Polidori is the author of several books, most recently Parcous Muséologique Revisté, an epic three volume collection of his Versailles prints published in 2009 by Steidl. Polidori's work is part of many museum collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art in New York, Biblioteque National, Paris and The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Polidori is represented by Arthur Roger Gallery in New Orleans.

In the New Works Space
Hadar Sobol

Israeli-born, Dallas-based artist Hadar Sobol will exhibit her installation in the new works space of The MAC. Hadar's Bachelor of Design from The Israeli University for Fashion and Textile Design has prepared her for working in the delicate craft of embroidery. Sobol's immersive installation combines video art and embroidery on vintage linen and paper. The use of embroidery and linen deliberately references traditional female roles. Sobol strives to achieve a full range of expression by shifting the decorative, delicate and "proper" traditional technique of embroidery towards the expressive, spontaneous and even impulsive edge. The attempt to use this medium out of its traditional context symbolizes the conflicts defining a modern woman's life. Using imagery of female figures and religious symbols, Sobol draws spiritual and visual inspiration from Torah Wimples used in the religious ceremony of bar/bat mitzvahs. Sobol uses her fascination with the Eastern European cloth wimple to comment on family, religion, nationality and femininity.

Hadar Sobol, artist studio installation detail, 2011
Hadar Sobol earned her Bachelor of Design, Textile Design with excellence in 1997 from The Israeli University for Fashion and Textile Design, Tel Aviv. Sobol was the Associate Designer and Producer with Rakefet Levi, the most prominent Performance Art Designer in Israel. Sobol has recently attended life drawing and mix media classes at Collin County Community College (Spring Creek) and Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas. She has received numerous awards from juried exhibitions in the Dallas area. Hadar Sobol is represented by Valley House Gallery in Dallas.
About the MAC

Established in 1994, The McKinney Avenue Contemporary (The MAC) is a nonprofit organization that stands as a Dallas advocate for creative freedom offering the opportunity for experimentation and presentation of art in all disciplines. It supports the emerging and established artist role in society providing a forum for critical dialogue with their audiences. This relationship is cultivated through education and innovative programming. The MAC is a member of Dallas Art Dealers Association and The Uptown Association.

Call 214-953-1212 for information or visit The MAC is open Wednesday - Saturday 11 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.  For more information, visit

Interviews and images related to this exhibition are available upon request.

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McKinney Avenue Contemporary
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Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon

Artwalk Tyler Texas

Pictures from the Artwalk in Tyler Texas.

It was a beautiful day for the Artwalk in Tyler.  If you missed it here are some photos along with artist info.



Ceramics-- I did not get the name

Lum Newburn 

J Whitt Designs

Betty Northcutt Photographic Art

April Bruner

Gallery Main Street

Lisa Rachel Horlander

Trish Wise

Dana Shelley Cargile

Daniel Kanu Jr.

Skullphone + Curtis Kulig's Scripture at Mallick Williams & Co., NYC Art Opening

We hope you can join us on ThursdayOctober 6th from 6-9pm for the opening of SCRIPTURE,
an exhibition of new works by artists Skullphone and Curtis Kulig at Mallick Williams & Co. Gallery
150 11th Avenue, NYC

Please see the invitation below and kindly RSVP to: 

Cocktails provided by Medea Vodka

We look forward to your attendance.

For more than seven years, Skullphone and Kulig have productively supported each other in outdoor
installations. In Scripture, both artists’ iconic motifs are formally exemplified. Additionally, a glimpse
into their different painting styles is captured in a “window-shopping” style video installation. Although
the artworks blend seamlessly throughout the installation, each artists’ distinctive direction stands alone.

Skullphone continues his Digital Media paintings at Mallick Williams with three distinct groupings:
a series of crosses, circles, and a reflection wall. Skullphone’s paintings employ a deliberate grid
system of red, blue, and green paint on mirror-polished aluminum panels resembling LEDs. The
artist documents our world - one which is increasingly communicating with brief encounters via
technology - through a laborious painting process.
Curtis Kulig has innovated his own technique by smearing his cursive “Love Me” script on canvas as
opposed to his standard process of scrawling onto buildings, walls and streets. Overall, viewers are
reminded of the adored or hated, scratched and buffed “Love Me” seen throughout vast public spaces.
The repetition of his writing on the street is echoed in the repeated graphic and similar dimension of
each panel. The phrase mirrors the pleas of all individuals to find security in their own cities.

Artist Interview: Patrice Tulla

What is your name: My name is Patrice Tullai, but I also go by the name “alicedean”

Do you have a formal art education or are you a self taught artist: I am a graduate from the University of Washington School of Art Program. I received a BFA in both painting & sculpture, but I would also consider myself a self taught artist cause one learns by doing, and I have been creating seriously for years before ever going to college.

What is the style of your pieces: I have a diverse background in my works, using sound as an element in my sculptures, I have also done many series of pop art, currently I am creating a series called “guns”, these art paintings of guns. All of these paintings are large 36” and up.

What is the medium in which you work: I mostly work in oil paints, sometimes on canvas, and sometimes on found wood.

What started you on your path as an artist: I had plans to become an anthropologist, but a friend suggested I pursue an art degree because as he put it “you make art all the time anyway”

What is one of the most important things that art has brought to your life: Probably giving me a sense of place. My perception of things is quite different from the mainstream, my being an artist allows me to be me

What is your favorite genre of art besides the one you work in: Found art sculptures

Do you have a certain set of clothes you make art in: No, I paint in what I am wearing that day.

What has been the most frustrating part of being an artist? Not having enough money to live like normal people. Hence, going without.

What is your favorite sandwich of all time: Peanut butter, honey, and banana.

Has this year brought about any changes in your work, and if so what are they: Yes, using multiple colors in my pixel series is quite beautiful

Who is your favorite artist alive or dead: Vincent Van G, and the artist in los angeles that using scrap metal to create works, I especially like his gun series.

What is the most moving piece of artwork that you have seen in person: The most
moving piece of art I ever saw was an installation of canaries inside a gallery space.
The birds were free to fly and did so, all around the space...they were really moving...

Do you have any animals, and what do they think of your work: I have a chocolate lab
named “spot” who likes the sound of the brush moving on the canvas...his eyes pop out when he hears it

Do you have any upcoming exhibitions you would like to share with us:
I am looking for a place to show my current gun series...

Patrice Tullai was born in Los Angeles California in the false eyelash era . Her mother raised six children alone in the ghettos of Los Angeles while suffering from the disability of common sense, something she has seemingly passed on to Patrice.
At an early age Patrice was moved to be creative, always making things, often times, forced by poverty to make something out of nothing.
In high school Patrice twirled baton (including fire) which she still does today. As part of the marching band she participated in many parades, including the Disneyland parade inside the park. She quit this group after discovering the politics of favoritism. Patrice went on the be chosen “Miss El Monte/South El Monte 1979”. “The day after she won the contest, the executives went to her house and wanted to remove the crown her mother was so worried, the contest had been entered for her sake. Apparently the other girls had mentioned she hung around the local hamburger stand and was a noted “stoner”, also she had had sex with the judges. True she was a stoner, but the later was false. She agreed to refrain from unscrupulous activities.
During the 1980”s Patrice attended college on and off, working in between to support herself. Her early studies were in anthropology but she changed over to art when she moved to Seattle and attended the University of Washington. Patrice graduated in 1992 with a BFA in Painting, a BFA in Sculpture, and a BA in Art. She has been making art relentlessly ever since. You can see some of these pieces at, and
In the spring of 1993 Patrice answered an ad in “the Rocket” for a soft singer. She teamed up with some stellar musicians and recorded an 8-track demo for the next few weeks. She and a band mate took off in an old Dodge Dart and headed south to Los Angeles. They left a cassette tape of their recordings on the coffee table of a popular pot dealer. Two weeks later a call was received from A&M records showing interest in the group, Pretty Mary Sunshine (PMS). PMS had never done a show, so one was booked at “the offramp” so the A&R guy could see the band. The show was possibly the worst show in the history of music. The band had been booked with a punk rock act and the punk fans booed PMS. Patrice simply turned her back to the audience and droned on.
A week later PMS played a warehouse party and sent the video tape to A&M. Another week passed and a call was received inviting the band to Los Angeles to meet executives and start the record deal process...on and, albums, Patrice has since recorded with “frownland” and with “alicedean”.
For many years Patrice has been painting POP art, e.g. pills, booze, and guns, but she also creates beautiful unique land and seascapes. Patrice has also had much interest in endangered species and has painting many birds. Patrice has created thousands of works since the early 1990's.

Orchard Windows Gallery is pleased to present "I’m Having Trouble Cutting this Ballerina" a solo exhibition by artist Jamie Martinez New York

September 30– October 9, 2011
Opening Reception: Friday, September 30th, 6-9pm
Artist Reception:  Friday, October 7th, 6-9 pm

Orchard Windows Gallery is pleased to present "Im Having Trouble Cutting this Ballerina" a solo exhibition by artist Jamie Martinez.

The painting technique utilized by Martinez is called Triangulism. This method deconstructs an image by using geometric triangles, and by process of elimination, only the core triangles are left to show the image’s true meaning, form and struc- ture. The beauty and contrast that a ballerina gives is unmatched, and as a figurative painter, Martinez found inspiration for this series in the dancer’s form.

The artists process yielded eight oil on Cotton Paintings as well as two story board photographs that are street and Polaroid inspired—all of which will be on display during the run of Im Having Trouble Cutting this Ballerina.

Visual artist, Jamie Martinez, moved to Florida at the age of 12 from his hometown of Cali, Colombia. After attendinMiami International University of Art and Design and receiving the prestigious Hispanic Designer's scholarship, he moved to New York to pursue his Bachelor's degree (F.I.T.), and to follow his dream in the Visual Arts. Not one to follow others, Jamie’s work clearly expresses his exceptional view at life and art. He has shown all over New York City, Miami and recently in Canada. Jamie Martinez currently resides and works in Manhattan, and is represented by Orchard Windows Gallery in NYC.

3rd Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest & Fall-Themed Wine Tasting Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum

Friday, October 28, 5:30 pm  Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum ADMISSION IS FREE
Join us for an evening of tricks, treats, and pumpkin carving competition with local celebrity judges.

Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum (CAF) and Kunin Wines co-host an evening of ghoulish delights! Judges Kathryn Graham, C’est Cheese co-owner; John Palminteri, television journalist; and Mayor Helene Schneider will be on hand to select the most devious and delightful pumpkins, and award an array of wonderful prizes. With prize categories for both children and adults this event is fun for all ages! 

Kunin Wines, known for some of the most exceptional vintages on the Central Coast, will offer tastings of their premiere selections, with a special focus on Autumnal pairings. Also, get ready for Halloween with FREE face painting and hair tinseling from Paul Mitchell The School professional stylists!

ADMISSION IS FREE, ALL ARE INVITED TO ENTER A PUMPKIN!  Please submit your carved pumpkin to CAF between noon, October 27, and noon, October 28, to be eligible for awards, and please provide your own candle. Participants may carve their pumpkin at CAF on Thursday, October 27, at 7 pm. No Age Restrictions.

This event is presented in association with the Santa Barbara Conference & Visitors Bureau and Film Commission and Santa Barbara Downtown Organization’s A special thank you to prize sponsors: Aveda, Arts & Letters Cafe, California Pizza Kitchen, Coffee Cat, Natural Cafe, Santa Barbara Independent, and Santa Barbara News-Press!


About the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum (CAF):  CAF is a non-profit, non-collecting alternative art space dedicated to the exhibition, education, and cultivation of the arts of our time.  Celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2011, CAF is the premier venue for contemporary art between Los Angeles and San Francisco.  CAF is located at the Paseo Nuevo Mall Upper Arts Terrace in downtown Santa Barbara, CA.

CAF  |  653 Paseo Nuevo, Santa Barbara, CA  93101   |    Paseo Nuevo Mall Upper Arts Terrace   |
p: (805)966-5373  |   f: (805) 962-1421   |


Large Cranes, Tractor Trailer Trucks and Artists to Place Three Pieces of Art

Neal Sleeper, President, Cityplace
Sharon Leeber, President, Architectural Arts Company, art consultant
Brad Goldberg, artist, Watertable
Cliff Garten, artist, Tower II
Margo Sawyer, artist, Synchronicity of Color Receptors 2011

Wednesday October 5
9:00 a.m. – approximately 1:00 p.m.

Cityplace superblock, bounded by Central Expressway (east), McKinney Avenue (west), Blackburn (north) and Lemmon (south)

Cityplace President Neal Sleeper and his team will oversee the installation of three large site specific public artworks in the West Village/Cityplace neighborhood. The commissioned pieces will be installed by the artists next Wednesday, October 5 on what is considered to be the final and most important tract of land in the 20-year-long development of Cityplace.
There are three distinct public spaces within the Cityplace site, and each will receive a unique sculpture by a renowned contemporary American artist.   The three pieces of sculpture were selected by an art committee of eight people who represented organizations with interest in the area including the Cityplace Area TIF, which is

funding the improvements; the Uptown Public Improvement District, which will maintain the public spaces; the McKinney Avenue Transit Authority, as well as the architects and landscape architects who designed the public spaces in which the art will be placed.  The sculptors were selected from an initial group of forty contenders presented by art consultant Sharon Leeber.  The three artists are Brad Goldberg, Cliff Garten and Margo Sawyer.

The art and related improvements are being paid for by the Cityplace Area TIF District, contributing to Dallas’ growing presence in the national arts community.   The project was conceived by and is being managed by Oak Creek Partners, LTD. (the adjoining land owner), acting through Cityplace Company. The improvements are consistent with the intent of the City’s Public/Private Partnership Guidelines and Criteria in that they will encourage development within the Cityplace Area TIF District.  The public spaces and the art will be maintained by the Uptown Public Improvement District.

The centerpiece of the successful Cityplace development is the West Village, a pedestrian-friendly mixed use project where retail, dining, and entertainment venues are tucked below residential lease space. The West Village is strategically located between the Arts District and Downtown Dallas to the South, Highland Park to the North, Turtle Creek and the Katy Trail to the West and North Central Expressway to the East. In and around Cityplace, one will find dining, entertainment, shopping, public transportation such as the DART and McKinney Avenue Trolley, and much more. Cityplace has been a development project for the past 20 years, with the final and most important piece of the project under current development.

GALLERY BOMB PRESENTS: Dreaming Under Street Lights art exhibition Dallas Texas Art

October 8th 6-10pm

Oak Cliff- Gallery Bomb is very pleased to bring you Dreaming Under Streetlights, a solo art show by JMR.  As he skirts the boundary between Street Art and Fine Art, JMR has been constantly evolving his neo-abstract technique over the past ten years.  Through his exploration of form and process, he has developed a unique style all his own.
Dreaming Under Street Lights exemplifies the deconstruction of JMR’s approach to his process, as he releases the tension of his lines and allows his work greater movement and flow.  Balancing his line work and color palate, all parts of his artwork share distinct and equal importance. JMR’s steadfast pursuit of a modern styles and organic movements marks a new identity in his lifelong artistic development. The exhibition will be on display October 8thth-Nov.5sh

About the Artist

JM Rizzi, or better known as JMR, has adapted a unique mixture of Neo-Abstract Expressionism with hints of Contemporary Pop to create a style all is own.  With experience in both the street art as well as the gallery world, JMR’s imagery is has become an icon in both his native New York City and his new home in Dallas, Texas.  He looks to demonstrate the scale and motion set forth by early abstract expressionists while reinterpreting it within his own introspective adaptation.  Through his hybrid street style, JMR has dedicated himself to expanding his art further into the public arena.  Having completed a building sized mural in Manhattan at the Pod Hotel, as well as numerous commissioned projects around Brooklyn, JMR looks to take his art to the next level.