Saturday, August 21, 2010

Artist Opportunity – Sculpture on Main Marble Falls Texas

Sculpture on Main 2010/2011 Art Program
Deadline 8/23/10

Sculpture on Main has a community vision of an outdoor, visual arts exhibition of sculpture placed in highly visible and accessible places in Marble Falls. They are for sale and on loan for one year. The purpose of Sculpture on Main is to feature Marble Falls a centrally located art destination in Texas.  Marble Falls residents, visitors and students can learn from and be inspired from the many varied works of art.

The exhibit is open to professional sculptors of all backgrounds.  It is an international mix of sculptures from many states and other countries.  Art supporters and community members are invited to join the artists for a Gala starting at 6PM Saturday evening, 10/09/10. A tour of Pogue Sculpture Gallery & Foundry, Inc is available by appointment for interested parties.  There will be a performance Ray Wiley Hubbard at the Uptown Theater Saturday night at 8PM.

A full color walking tour guide with photos of the sculpture, artist names, and cost of sculpture will be available.  It will be produced and free to the public and available through local businesses, museums, galleries and the local Chamber of Commerce. Promotion and sales of the sculptures will be of great importance to the artist and continued support of the Sculpture on Main Program.

Sculpture on Main is under the umbrella of Uptown Arts Alliance, which is a 501c3. Twenty five percent of any sales and sponsorships are tax deductible.

Each year the Sculpture on Main Committee will vote to determine the winner of the Best of Show $1000, the Dan Pogue Gold Medal Award, which includes a bronze medal and $500 credit to be applied to any work done at Pogue Sculpture Foundry and $250 third prize. 

SOM invites individuals and merchants to adopt a sculpture.  They would be responsible for light cleaning.                         
GET INVOLVED!                                         Please contact:
If you would like to:                                           Dan Pogue
Purchase a piece of sculpture                          Pogue Sculpture Gallery
Become an event sponsor                                & Foundry, Inc.              
Become a purchase award sponsor           
Become a volunteer                                          830.693.9544

Large scale Outdoor Sculpture Interactive features using sound, lights or movement with a “wow” factor to them are encouraged. Previous exhibits were very successful with over 40 sculptures and received major media attention.  Plans for the Fourth juried exhibit should make it even better.  The sculpture is placed in the Historic Main Street area of Marble Falls.  Marble Falls has wide medians and landscaped corners to make an ideal setting for showing the work. The sculptures will be on loan and displayed for a year in landscaped areas along Main Street. We invite you to submit your work for our year long public exhibit.  Each artist may enter up to three works.

 Jurying is based on the originality of the piece, its safety, durability and suitability for an outdoor public exhibit.
 A $100 stipend per accepted artist will be given for delivery, set up and removal of sculptures.
Discounted rooms are available during that time and the weekend of the Gala.


Entry and Fee Deadline –Received by 8/23/2010
Notification of Acceptance Deadline - 8/31/2010
Installation – Beginning 09/25/10 by appt.
Uninstall Work – 09/30/2011
Sculpture Stroll and Gala – starting at 5:30 PM 10/09/2010 (Wine & Food, Awards) Optional Wine Dinner and Auction
Uptown Theater Performances – Ray Wylie Hubbard - Saturday 10/09/10 
There will be a tour of Pogue Sculpture Gallery & Foundry for interested Sculptors on Friday, 10/08/10 by appointment.

Criteria for Exhibit

     We invite you to submit your work for our year long public exhibit. 
Large scale, free standing and interactive sculptures are encouraged.  We are looking for the “Wow” factor. All works submitted must be of original design and execution, and must be available to install by your installation date (No Exceptions). They must be for sale. In the event that a piece is purchased during the exhibit year, the purchaser is asked to leave the piece until the next sculpture change.  If they must take the piece, the artist will be offered an opportunity to install the same or a new piece subject to committee approval.  The artist must agree to a 25% of sale commission going to SOM to be used for promotion and buying a permanent work for the city.

Participating artists will meet with a SOM representative in Marble Falls by appointment between September 25 and October 8, 2010, to install their sculpture. Each accepted artist will be awarded a $100 travel stipend and discounted rooms when coming to Marble Falls. The sculpture must have steel tabs or plates attached to bottom so they can be bolted to a granite slab.  Installation is the artist’s responsibility but SOM will provide help and equipment for heavy work. Sculpture on Main Committee will determine what kind of attachment is needed depending on location and type of sculpture.  In the rare case of damage to the sculpture, the artist will be notified.  The sculpture must be repaired within 10 days or it will be removed.

A photograph of the work is required to be juried, and for the walking tour map and publicity. Digital photos are preferred.  A photo of the artist is needed for publicity. Please enter them on a CD or digital photos by email. In the event we are unable to exhibit your work the CD will be returned if a stamped mailing box is enclosed. $35.00 entry fee required.  The entry fees go toward the stipends for the accepted artists.

For Entry Application Contact:
Marti Pogue
Artist Liaison
Sculpture on Main
Arts Alliance of Marble Falls
Pogue Sculpture Gallery & Foundry. inc
7670 E FM 1431
Marble Falls, TX 78654


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