Thursday, August 26, 2010

Call to Artists Art Outside Apache Pass


  Art Outside is an opportunity to explore your creative potential in a natural environment. It is a beautiful and broad canvas for you to install within. We are a collaboration of art makers, admirers and seekers and we invite you to join us!!!

Paintings, drawing, sculptures, prints, words, pictures, colors, textures, inventions, devotion and curiosity all belong here. In the trees, on the grass, under cover, over our heads, around our feet we will make inspired landscapes for friends to behold!!!

We encourage you to dream big
Let your imagination soar to new heights of creativity as you envision your work in nature.

What can you dream up?
With your time and skills what do you want to create in the Art Outside landscape?

How will you manifest this dream?
What materials will you use? What is your vision? What is the size and scope of your project?

How can we help?
What can Art Outside do to facilitate the best presentation of your work? Do you need power? Do you have a preferred area? Let us know what you require.

Show us what you’re made of!!!
Please provide photos, drawings and/or sketches of your project so we can place in a magical spot.

(Submission Deadline is September 13!)

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