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ArtHash Open Salon Show at Kettle Art: Art Opening Dallas Texas


Unfiltered. Uninhibited. Unrated.

Kettle Art presents
ArtHash Open Salon Show

Opening Reception with the Artists: January 14th, 2012, 7pm

@ Kettle Art in Deep Ellum / 2714 Elm St / Dallas, TX 75226

Free, open to the public.
When a group of artists began hashing gallery politics and the limitations often presented by juried shows, the artists did what they do best. They stepped outside the lines. They reached outside the box, and they came up with an original idea. An idea to present an unfiltered art display, unlike any other exhibit you’ve experienced.
ArtHash Open Salon Show will not be curated, with expectations of presenting the public with an uninhibited view of what’s really happening in the Local art scene.  This display will be unique in the sense that over 50 participating artists will display artwork of their own choosing.  There will be nothing blocking the way for you to view fresh, innovative, raw talent. In this day and age where stars are formed by public opinion on venues like youtube, we believe the same applies for the art world. You decide!

Assuming you won’t miss the stuffy gallery scene this is your chance to see what the artists want you to see.  All art will be reasonably priced, allowing the perfect opportunity for the seasoned collector, as well as the first time collector.

If you love art, then step outside the lines with the ArtHash artists and join Kettle Art in experiencing art as it is intended… unabashed, and unbelievably imaginative.

Featuring works by: Adnan Razvi, Alison Jardine, Andrea Davis, Andy Morris, Brian A Crawford, Brett Dyer, Camille Green, Carolyn Collins, Chad Evans, Cigi Ingram, David A Bell, David Brown, Frank Tringali, Gina Marie Dunn, Iris Candelaria, Jack Sheely, Jacq Chubirka, Jacque Allen Forsher, Jeremy McKane, Jacqueline Colt Marchioni, Johanna Roffino-Hulsey, John Paul Gardner, Junanne Peck, Judith Seay, Kevin Andrew Kunreuther, Kevin Obregon, Leon Sarantos, Levi Leddy, Lilia Estrada, Linda Bourgault, Lisa Rachel Horlander, Liz London, Luis Fernando Camacho, Manuel M. Pecina, Melissa Wertz, Michael SirHendrey, Mike Salcido, Quincy Wakefield, Renee Vandevere, Ricardo Paniagua, Snow White, Roy E. Vance, Samantha Price Fischer Kyle, Savas Diokmetzidis, Scott Dorn, Scott Shubin, Teri Lueders, Tony Reans, Yarilee Rivera, Zerep Egroj, Sonia Semone, Robb Conover, Paul Pena, Ross von Rosenberg

Image may be used for promotional, educational, or non-commercial purposes only. 
If image is used, please credit Artist - Ricardo Paniagua,
Title: Black and Proud, Size: 10" x 10" x 10",  Medium: Lacquer on Douglas Fir, Date: 2011
For map and more information on Kettle Art, public may view

Call to Artists London Berlin Festival

You are invited to apply to participate into YAI's London & Berlin Art Festivals 2012.

Sign up and Fill the form:
The selection will be done by a jury.

Jury (provisional draft):
- Uta Grosenick (Taschen and Distanz art editor)
- Agnes Kohlmayer (curator)
- Carlo Massarini (critic, journalist TV)
- Markus Miessen (critic consultant, writer)
- Jennifer Rubell (artist, writer)
- Vanessa Satten (XXL Magazine editor)
- Rob Sharp (arts correspondent The Independent UK)
- Nicola Trezzi (Flash Art International NY editor)
- Angela Vettese (IAUV Venice)

Notice: festivals are dedicated to artist up to 35.
If you are older you can sign-up anyway to receive further
informations about our initiatives and events.

Your email address has been found into an artists' website.
If you do not wish to receive our messages any more
please reply NO in the subject line to this email.

Thank you

Best regards.
Daniel Belsson

International Art Incubator Foundation - London

Call to Artists Dallas: Cottonwood Art Festival Announces Call for Artists

 for May 5-6, 2012 Event

Deadline to submit art is January 13, 2012

The Cottonwood Art Festival is accepting applications from visual artists for the spring festival, to be May 5 & 6, 2012. The deadline to submit art for consideration is January 13, 2012.

Now in its 44th year, the Cottonwood Art Festival is the fifth best art festival in the United States and is the premier fine arts event in North Texas. The twice-a-year event generates more than $2 million in art sales annually. The festival is set for 10 AM – 8 PM Saturday and 10 AM -5 PM Sunday, May 5-6, 2012, at Richardson’s Cottonwood Park, 1321 W. Beltline Rd. Admission is free. Full details are available at

The Cottonwood Art Festival is a juried show. Approximately 1,400 artists will submit work for the 2012 festivals. Jurors will select 240 artists to exhibit their museum-quality paintings, sculptures, ceramics, jewelry, fiber art, fine glass, woodwork, mixed media and photography. All art must be for sale.

Artists who are interested in submitting art for consideration should apply through by January 13, 2012.  Notification will happen January 27, 2012. Booth fees will be due February 10, 2012.

For more information on Cottonwood Art Festival, go to their website or to their Facebook page. Whether shopping for art, listening to music, enjoying the outdoors, or making art of your own, Cottonwood has something for everyone. There’s an art to having fun!

Lisa Taylor
TrizCom Inc.

For more information or photographs, contact:
Serri Ayers
Festival Director
Cottonwood Art Festival
City of Richardson

Artist Interview: Julia Pappas

What is your name: Julia Pappas

Do you have a formal art education or are you a self taught artist: I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from Michigan State University in 2009.

What is the style of your pieces: Contemporary abstract, expressive paintings, full of energy and bold colors

What is the medium in which you work: Mixed media painting

What started you on your path as an artist: 
I was raised by a mother, an art teacher, who saw the world as most people do not - in all its design and color. Since I was very young, she encouraged and provided me with the loving experience of seeing the beauty of the world. My vision of the world became just that: really “seeing” the world, not in an objective, distant, uncaring way, but in a subjective, intimate, wondrous connection with nature and people’s interpretation of what they see and imagine. These experiences have been engrained in my personal self and identity. They are interwoven in my psyche and outlook – no more able to be separated from me as any physical characteristic or psychological part of me. This great gift that my mother has given me has nourished my growth to the point where my vision, my love of art, and my abilities cannot be kept to myself but must be shared with others. It is not an option, nor is it for just part of my life.  As Henry Moore said, “Art is your way of living so there is no end to it.”

What is one of the most important things that art has brought to your life: 
A new way to view the world. When I create, I am only an observer, watching my hand paint effortlessly as a beautiful image evolves. My energy becomes the painting’s energy. Throughout the painting process, I’m simply bringing the piece to life, where it holds it’s own emotions and stories. I’ve found a new sense of confidence, allowing me to listen to myself less and the image more, as if the image is telling me what to do and how it wants to look upon completion. I feel alive, and so are my creations.

What is your favorite genre of art besides the one you work in: Architectural design

Do you have art showings, and if so what are they typically like:
I’ve participated in several art showings, which are typically group shows in a gallery setting.

Do you have a certain set of clothes you make art in: 
It depends on the situation, but I typically wear clothes and shoes that have already been decorated with drips of paint.

What has been the most frustrating part of being an artist?
I believe I speak for all artists when I say unlimited funding/space would be ideal.  Since I frequently have several ideas floating around my mind at one time, I am anxious to work on numerous pieces at once, experiment, and explore various materials.  However, I know this will be much easier to do when I have larger studio space in the near future.

What is your favorite sandwich of all time: Subway’s Buffalo Chicken Sub with veggies and ranch

Has this year brought about any changes in your work, and if so what are they: 
Life changing decisions and experiences in this last year have led me to find my own expressive way in creating art, moving from a literal vision to one that is figurative and expressive with bold colors.  Color in my work has become energetic and emotional.  I am also broadening my subject matter, ranging from abstract figures to expressive landscapes.

Who is your favorite artist alive or dead: Chuck Close

Do you have any upcoming exhibitions you would like to share with us: Yes! I will be featured in Art Fusion’s “A Spring Affair” Show opening April 2nd, 2011 in Miami, FL. You can find more information here:


Call to Artists New Hampshire

Salon Style! 2012
Call to artists

The Steez Gallery
85 W Pearl St
Nashua, NH 03063

Monday, 2/13/12 (YES, February, to maximize our promotional time period!)

ON or BEFORE Monday 4/16/12

Friday, 4/20/12

$0 (FREE)

18x24 Max size

All works submitted below MUST be high resolution for promotional purposes!

Anything. Photo, multimedia, illustration, digital, abstract, traditional, etc, any and all welcome. Unfortunately at this time we do not have a setup to support individual 3D pieces, but hang-able 3D pieces are definitely a plus.

Please have your piece presentable. Matted works are fine, but please, no single prints without matting. ALL WORKS MUST BE HANGABLE or else they will NOT be hung. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The Steez takes 40% of all works, so please price your works accordingly. Works' prices will NOT be changed after submission is complete.

The Steez Gallery is a high end glass shop. If you are NOT comfortable with your works hanging besides pipes, please do not submit. 

To submit please follow this URL and submit your works here. Please include the titles of the works in the box titled “cover letter” underneath and how much you would like to sell them for. Please include your artist name if it is different from your log in name. All titles and prices are FINAL so please make sure you are sure on your prices and titles!

Martin Museum Baylor Texas Advancing Tradition

Flatbed Press