Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Juicing for Chronic Fatigue Day Three

So if you've been keeping up, I've started juicing for health reasons. I have had a fatigue problem for a long time, but it's gotten worse and now I can't even exercise. This is the worst for me, as I love to be active. I watched the movie Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead and was immediately motivated to start juicing.

My plan right now is to do this for 7 days. I've been to the doctor and most everything shows up fine, that's why I'm taking this approach. You should always consult a doctor if you plan on doing any plan like this. I have a physician on duty ;).

Today is day Three, I honestly don't know how I feel yet. Yesterday was ok until I went to a movie, I started to feel weird. I had to run out, go into a bar (in workout gear) and buy an orange. I need to figure out a way to make these juices more caloric.

Here is my scale shot, almost back to pre-holiday.

A side note-- I'm doing this for health, not weight loss, but I want to document that too.

I have dark patches on my shins that popped up when I started getting sick "fatigued". I went to the derm and he gave me a steroid cream, it didn't do much. I'm hoping this will go away too.

I made the juice for today last night because E is doing this too and he had to work early. The only problem is I put a beet in it and now I'm shit scared to drink it. Yes, I'm scared of a beet. I read beets create major detox and can make you sick. Wtf? Now I don't know what to do... Dilute the whole thing? This juicing is strange business.

I'm still waiting for my energy to go up. Is this ever going to happen?

I don't want to puke beets :/

Here goes!

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