Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mexican Brisket Recipe Brisket Tacos

A few posts back, I told you how I was going to make all the food for my impending birthday. Well, I did, and it was damn good. Brisket tacos were the main part of the meal.

Here is my recipe for the brisket.

1 5lb brisket (should feed up to 10)
1/2 a small bottle of teriyaki
Garlic powder
Mexican oregano
Seasoned salt (with no msg)
A pinch of Red pepper
1/2 a pot of coffee
1 small can of chipotle in adobo sauce pureed
1/2 a jar of hot sauce (I use El Phoenix)

Preheat the oven to 250. Take the brisket and put it fat side down in a large roasting pan. Evenly coat the beef with garlic, oregano, seasoned salt. Turn brisket over fat side up. Pour in Teryaki, coffee, chipotle, hot sauce, and red pepper. Cook covered on 250 for 7 hours.

Once the brisket is done, remove the fat. It should easily come off. Next let cool a bit and chop or slice against the grain of the meat. Put the meat back in the sauce, and serve with corn or flour tortillas. Add your favorite garnishes such as white onion, cilantro, red sauce, green sauce, Mexican crema, and whatever cheese you like.


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