Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Show: Insignificance Orchard Windows Gallery Art Opening New York

Kenneth Ian

Orchard Windows Gallery
37 Orchard St.
New York, NY 10002
Artist Reception:
August 13 2011 4pm - 8pm
free Refreshments
Kenneth has been invited back to the orchard windows gallery after a very good show last Febuerey. On display will be his latest series of paintings intitled "Insignificance".
Insignificance is a new series of paintings I made to display the emotions of being a small part in the world. How sometimes we all feel small and insignificant. How our emotions can get the better of us and lead us to jealousy, anger, insincerity and other negative emotions. I am also trying to show how much difference a small explosion of paint on a canvas can change the whole painting and the correlation between that and a person. The lack of paint on a single colored background is my minimalistic approach to explain how much open space surrounds us and to pose the question, is any splash of paint or any person insignificant to the surrounding environment?
Kenneth Ian Husbands works have been displayed throughout the USA. Kenneth's artwork has appeared in various online/print publications. Kennethbelongs to national art groups such as The Sheboygan Visual Artists and the Plymouth arts center as well as New York groups Such as the South bay arts association the Brookhaven Arts and humanities council and The new millennium modern art group. Kenneth had studied art in NY at a local college before his financial situation made him drop out and become a long shore commercial fisherman. After not painting for 6 years he found the art calling him back. Putting all of his energy back into art he found the concept of letting go of controlling his art  to be appealing, and started experimenting in a aesthetic way to make that happen. The paintings on display are all examples of his "letting go of control" as well as different emotions he puts onto the canvas

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