Monday, July 25, 2011

Blue Bunny Red Velvet Ice Cream

Oh no! Why did I buy this.

This yummy, fakey, terrible, horrible, no good very bad-- amaaacing devils food. I hurriedly crammed away all my groceries so I could dig my spoon into the carton. By the time I busted in to it, it was the optimum softness. You know what I mean. Just melty enough to glide your spoon through, yet still an icy dream. Let me just tell you, the carton of blue bunny comes sealed. You have to BREAK into it. I know why they do this. If they didn't, everyone in the grocery store would be stabbing at it.

Blue Bunny Red Velvet Ice Cream. You neeeed it!

Damn you Duff Goldman for teaming up with blue bunny!!!

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