Friday, July 29, 2011

New Artist Open Call Oxide Gallery Denton TExas

We are looking for new artists working in all mediums and genres to invite to show
with us in our Main Shows.  Our Main Shows are up for 4 month and consist of an eclectic
mix of artwork created by our invited artists.  

This is not for beginners or occasional hobbyist,
this is for professional and aspiring artists
who are 18 yrs old or older

We are looking for artists who already have a body of work to select from, are constantly
expanding their portfolio
, and are looking for a gallery to show with on a regular basis.  
If you are already one of our invited Main Show Artists, you do not need to attend this
event unless you are working in a totally new medium or style
and wish to have it considered by the jury

If you wish to be considered for invitation to show in our Main Show please bring in 3 pieces of your artwork that you feel best represent you and your personal style.  At the Artist Open Calls we need to see your actual artwork, not your portfolios or copies.  Photography is not required to be framed for this Open Call, but must be properly printed using good photo paper.  We do not show photography printed on canvas so please bring
only photography printed on good photography paper.

You will also need to provide us with the EXACT price you will be asking for those pieces of
artwork if they are chosen for consignment in the gallery.  You must think about and set
your asking price prior to going before the jury.  If you do not know what you expect t
o ask for your artwork then we can not properly evaluate your work.  Your sale price is part of the jury's decision making process and is expected not to be increased when it comes time to fill out formal contracts without discussing possible changes with us first.
Remember, the gallery receives 40% commission of the sale price you list, so take that into
account when pricing your artwork.

When you arrive we will
provide you with paperwork to fill out with your personal
information and information about the 3 pieces of artwork you are showing us.
our artwork will be reviewed by the guest jury and you will be asked questions about your artwork, then we will let you take your artwork back with you.  This process usually takes about 10 minutes per person.  This entire process can run long so please be prepared to be patient.  We will see artists on a first come basis only.  Please be professional and do not ask for special treatment,
everyone in attendance is equally important to us.

We will inform artists of the jury's recommendations with in a week of the Open Call.  As we prepare to see artwork for next upcoming Main Show we will contact you and appointments 

will be scheduled to meet one on one with the artists the jury has invited to show in our
gallery.  At that time artists will need to bring back in the pieces shown to the gallery during
this Artist Open Call as well as any other the artwork they wish to have considered for
consignment.  We will make our final selections for the upcoming show at that time.

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