Thursday, July 28, 2011

Juicing for Chronic Fatigue Day 5

FOR MY ART FOLLOWERS:  I will be posting more art info soon.  Right now I am documenting this fast, but will resume calls and interviews soon, I promise!

Fuck, I'm tired today. It might be because I swam yesterday instead of keeping my happy ass inside the house. Oh well. Yesterday I felt fine. I've decided I can not juice kale, it makes me feel to weird. I guess I'll just make kale chips for E out of the leftovers.

I have somehow inspired my mom and brother to do this too. So that makes four of us. My mom, E, me and my brother.

Results so far:

My brother has no acid reflux, medicine free 3 days, he has been on medication for 2 years

My mom had a GI bleed from medication, prednisone, she is medicine free, no pain whatsoever

E has lost 10 lbs

I have no tiny breakouts on my chin every morning. My skin is soft. And besides the tiredness I do feel better.

Scale is the same today, which is fine.

Morning juice of the day, Pear Cucumber and More.

4 celery
10 strawberries
1 pear
1 cucumber
1 orange
1 sweet potato

The usual info I include!

So if you've been keeping up, I've started juicing for health reasons. I have had a fatigue problem for a long time, but it's gotten worse and now I can't even exercise. This is the worst for me, as I love to be active. I watched the movie Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead and was immediately motivated to start juicing.

My plan right now is to do this for 7 days. I've been to the doctor and most everything shows up fine, that's why I'm taking this approach. You should always consult a doctor if you plan on doing any plan like this. I have a physician on duty ;).

If you are interested in process from day one you can click here:

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