Friday, July 22, 2011

Call to Artists London: Art Crawl Campaign: The first stroke of a new movement.

Exhibitions in London’s most excellent bars and pubs. 

For release in:  Late July / Early August

Comuniart has organised 3 trails of exhibitions in over 20 pubs and bars across Camden, Islington and the East End in
order to celebrate emerging artists and make their work more accessible across the community.  From the 18th of
August till the 18th of September. To embark upon the Camden trail, start at the the Lockside Lounge and pick up a
free map, in Islington start at the Kings Head Theatre Pub,in the East End, start at the Queen of Hoxton.  

Comuniart is not just an organisation; it is a movement: Our aim is to change the way people regard their local art
scene by making art more accessible: encouraging the public to take a more creative approach to life by incorporating
the work and skills of artists into their homes, businesses and personal lives. Whether its commissioning a portrait,
turning a past adventure into a personalised illustrated book, or having a mural painted on the wall, these are just some
of the infinite ways in which art can be used to enrich life. 

We believe this movement should begin in Britain’s great unifying institution: the pub. What better place to expose fresh,
affordable work to wider audiences while simultaneously communicating our message that enjoying art need not be
limited to spectating and purchasing but can be something that can be integrated into daily life in practical and exciting ways. 

For info about which venues and artists are involved go to  

“Consumerism and mass culture have imposed a homogeny across society that can only be dissolved by the creative
efforts of its members.” – Justin Agius, Director.

Notes to editor:

Each pub will have its own opening show: some of these will involve live music, live art etc. These will make good
photo opportunities. Interviews are also welcome.

For more information please contact Justin Agius. 

t: 07888853447          e: 

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