Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's Almoat My Birthday

It's that time of year again when my birthday is creeping around the corner.  I have always loved my birthday day, until last year.  It was pretty terrible for a variety of reasons that I will not get into.  It threw me off and the residue still remains.  This year I am apathetic about the day.  Usually its a the only day people will be extra nice to you for no reason at all-- so whats my deal.  Maybe its just that I am getting older. I still like cake though...  The fact that it is 104+ with an index of hell is not helping matters.  I think I have been jaded by celebrity birthdays in People mag.  They all look so fun.  Now I know I am no celebrity, but a sparkly cake, the right mount of  bubbly, great food and a dance off sounds inviting.  But where?  I need a lake house, or a jet, or a yacht.  No really I am more of a whole in the wall and beer kind of chick.  I like the occasional balloon too.  Bah, maybe I will perk up.  If its your birthday also I hope you have a good one, and get lots of cake.



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