Friday, July 29, 2011

And the Beat Goes ON

Ladi Dadi Di

Ladi Dadi Dow

Ok-- I am passing time. Doing anything but what I should be doing. I have noticed that since I work a lot from the computer that I am getting Pancake Ass. WTF. This is bad Bad. Maybe I should just get the fuck up! It is also so mutha Fuckin Hot here that I am having a problem doing any outdoor activity. Don't mind me, I'm just going to bitch today.

Ok enough of that BS. Turn that frown upside down!

I will dream of a beach. A nice beach, where my toes are nestled slightly in the sand. I have a hot waiter (hey this is my dream ok) and he is bringing me a perfect ceviche. I will lay here all day and read a goood book. I'm on one of those soft plush beach beds, you know the ones with the white flowing drapes-- ya, that one. Anyway, I am on a soft plush beach bed, the sun is shining, but the breeze is cool and delightful. Its the type of weather you could spend all day laying in. There is a quiet lapping of water from the waves rolling in, and a faint gull cry in the distance. Sail boats are sailing, people are smiling and lazing sparsely around. I have nothing to do but lay and enjoy!

Happy Friday!


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