Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Question of the day...

If there was an exhibit with a bunch of glory holes and people on the other side offering free treats- would this be illegal, or would it be art?

Glory glory hole-el-hole-o


  1. When I was a freshman at RISD in the late 70's the students put on a show called Private Parts where there was a secluded booth you could enter and take a polaroid of your own genitalia and postit on a group bullitan board in the exhibition. The school itself would not allow this show on school property so the organizers rented space in downtown Providence. Needless to say the city moved quickly to shut down the booth. Good Times!There would certianly be a huge outcry by the usual folks claiming ART and when the show was closed upteen institutions would be fighting to "show" the glory holes (with condoms declaring censorship!).