Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Forum Lounge: Carmina Escobar, A White Room on Thursday May 5, 7 pm at CAF

Thursday, May 5, 7 pm

Forum Lounge: Carmina Escobar, A White Room
Artist Carmina Escobar explores the concept of identity in her performance installation A White Room. Escobar's voice--the main source material for this sound installation--permeates her performance and functions as a primary instrument layered over a sonic landscape. Escobar’s work involves real-time processing of her voice and the use of electronic media to construct a narrative of the self in a space. The space is itself constructed with delayed, filtered, and sampled field recordings, found objects, and images collected over the period of a year.

Carmina Escobar is a singer and multimedia artist from Mexico City who has collaborated in many different projects that explore a diversity of sonorous languages such as medieval music, opera, contemporary music, folk music, electronic music and experimental trends involving interdisciplinary collaborations, performance art and multimedia. She has appeared in diverse forums and festivals all around the Mexican Republic, USA and Europe, collaborating with artists of diverse disciplines.  At the moment she resides in Los Angeles CA.

Support for Forum Lounge is generously provided by: Andrea Lang Fund, Daniel Clark, Endevermusic Productions, the Franciscan Inn, KCSB, the Santa Barbara Independent, Santa Barbara Winery, and Therese Schweidler. Forum Lounge is presented in association with the Santa Barbara Downtown Organization’s 1st Thursday. 

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