Sunday, April 17, 2011

Art festival: day four

Exhaustion! This ain't easy folks. It's physically and mentally exhausting. Two days ago we had 60 mile an hour winds, and canon shooting winds called microbursts. I was a lucky recipient of a microburst to the tent. My entire tent imploded- as in the walls shot in - and my work crashed to the floor. Being that I work on glass, I was lucky that there was only one major casualty.

Have I mentioned that I'm tired...

Every booger infested kid and booze addled mother fucker has felt up my artwork. The Soft glass front seems to be incomprehensible, and only believable by touching. The dragon lady is selling strong. Maybe I should sell dragons? Who knew they were so popular?

I've heard a slew of praises about my work and inversely I've heard every insult you can imagine. Comments range from inspiring and great to flat out laughing with a declaration of how easily it could be made at home.

One lady loved a 24 x 24 piece and her friends laughed at her and talked her out of it due to pricing. That piece was $450.

You have to have thick skin to be exposed in this way. I often feel like a fat stripper waiting to get called for a lap dance.


  1. The fat stripper remark was very funny, your situation is not. I have been through it at a festival and all day it was a battle to hold down the tents and help people pick up their stuff. Alot of people who attend probably have no other exposure to art and you have to have thick skin to deal with them.Sorry to hear the problems, hope it ends up good for you.