Friday, April 15, 2011

Art festival day two. - shit it's cold

I'm cold. It was hot like mad yesterday. I really thought I had gone to hell. I had on leggings which was not too bad, but today I decided I needed to wear a dress. I also thought it would be a good idea to let my hair air dry. Fool! It's windy. It's cold, my legs are turning into popsicle, and I generally look like a moron. I have had no sales yet- but the lady behind me selling pete's dragons attached to vases seems to be making a killing. The other lady selling wildly is a jewelry designer. Apparently jewelry of any sort is a major attraction at art shows. So are prints. Anything 100 dollars is basically fair game. I personally have gotten great feedback, I love it, being the most frequent. But I'm not peddling dragons, so the jury is still out on how I'll do.

On a side note-- it's good to have a rug in your booth.


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  1. Good luck and don't forget to build up that mailing list too ;)