Monday, April 11, 2011

Virtual Gallery comes to Liverpool Street station London

The Virtual Gallery: Coming soon to a screen near you…

Winners announced as Virtual Gallery comes to Liverpool Street.


Above: Andy Warhol by Agneta Dziubek (Germany)


Last month Body Of Art unveiled the first FREE Virtual Gallery with the launch of a major competition, offering artists across the globe the chance to see their work digitally projected in London's Liverpool Street station for one week.

BOA has partnered with
Art Below to find twenty masterpieces by twenty different artists, to feature in the Virtual Gallery shown on a 3-metre screen in Liverpool Street, on the Westbound Central Line platform from Monday 18th till 25th April.

Artists who uploaded their work by 1st April were automatically entered into the competition, judged by Ben Moore of Art Below.

With the Virgin London Marathon, the Royal wedding and the Festival of Britain 60th Anniversary Celebrations, as well as Art Below’s 5th Anniversary; the city will be a hive of excitement and activity this April.

BOA's exclusive screening will bring a sense of serene beauty, akin to a real art gallery, to many travelers from all over the world in, what is expected to be, a busy month for the Capital.

The twenty winners will be among the first artists to showcase their work digitally in one of London's busiest stations, potentially reaching 3 million people.

View our winners' individual galleries below.

Andreas Georgio
Scotty B
Agneta Dziubek
Michelle Nichols
Daniel Morgenstern
Hannah Biscombe
Rufus Krieger
Charlotte Cory
Oliver Malin
Olga Hoffman
April Bending
William Halbersma
Adeline de Monseignat
Lorraine Clarke
Hara Grivokostopoulou
Susie Mendelsson
Morgan Davy
Greg McLaughlin
Charlotte de Cock
Colin Clarke

NOTES TO EDITORS (BOA) is the new social art website for artists and art lovers, launched in January 2011.

BOA has partnered with Art Below to offer the unique competition to its artists in celebration of their Virtual Gallery, the FREE feature unveiled on 14th March; to revolutionize the way art is viewed online.
Artists can upload between 5-20 images to instantly create unlimited Virtual Galleries for FREE. The tool is a welcome addition to the site, which allows artists to experience their own exhibition – perhaps for the first time.

Twenty winning masterpieces by twenty different artists from the Body Of Art website have been selected by Ben Moore, founder of Art Below.

The twenty works of art will feature in the Virtual Gallery, projected on a 3-metre screen at London’s Liverpool Street station, on the Westbound Central Line between 18th-25th April.


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