Friday, April 22, 2011

Call to Artists Chicago

Casa Duno presents Undomesticated

Submission Deadline: May 22, 2011

Exhibition Description

The artists in Undomesticated approach everyday objects in ways that disrupt the traditional notions of function and form. They re-imagine designed objects, obstructing function altogether. Through modifying commonplace objects drawn from the domestic sphere, the works serve as reinterpretations of design structures while retaining semblances of original form. This allows the viewer to make a distinct connection between the designed object and the art object.

Undomesticated aims to bring attention to the relationship people have with objects and how the dynamic changes when the objects shift from “everyday” to art and from the home to the gallery.

What We’re Looking For

We are looking for 3-D works that re-imagine everyday, designed objects for an exhibition in the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival. If you feel your work touches on the concepts mentioned in the exhibition description, we encourage you to submit.


everyday, sculpture, domestic, design, products, mass-production, commonplace, surreal, conceptual, form and function, assemblage, found objects

To apply email

1. Write on the subject line “MAAF Undomesticated Submission”

2. You MUST include your name, email address, phone number, address, artwork details (title, date, medium, dimensions), website (if available)

3. Attach required images*

*Submit 3-5 digital images representative of the work. JPGs should be approx. 8X10 at 144ppi or 1152 pixels X 1449 pixels. Please name each JPG with first initial, last name and image # (example: JSmith1.jpg, etc.).

MAAF Requirements

Each entry must be unique: artists may not submit the same works for multiple exhibitions in the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival. Artists will be notified of their acceptance by June 4, 2011. If accepted, Casa Duno will follow up with additional information.


• All decisions of curator/jurors are final. MAAF has the right to refuse any work which differs from submitted images.

• Because MAAF is a volunteer effort, participating artists may be asked to assist with installation.

• If accepted, by submitting your entry, you give the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival the right to publish your images for publicity purposes.

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