Monday, April 18, 2011

Why am I selling art instead of tequila?

I really have decided I must be crazy. Trying to sell art is crazy. Don't get me wrong, I have sold art, and lots of it. But-- there are lots of things that are way easier to sell. Take tequila for instance, you don't have to sell that-- it sells itself. Being an artist is torturous at times.

I work in plexiglass and I adhere the glass to wood. I apparently used the wrong adhesive and with the heat from outside it caused a reaction that made my paintings deform and melt. The first one that melted made me sick. The next one angry, then the next worried. By the time the fifth and sixth went I became numb to it. More than half my work is ruined, and I'm trying to figure out my lesson. The first is obvious, don't use that asshole glue. The second I think is a lesson in letting go of possessions. Even ones that we are very attached to. It's a pretty bad feeling to loose work.

For the conclusion I sold artwork at the festival. Enough to cover my rather large expense. I met some designers that want to work with me, and lots of people interested in my paintings. With that said - it ain't for me! It's too much work. And when I say that know I am not a soft ass. The lifestyle is akin to that of a carny. Always living out if a bag and box. To be successful on a larger level at fairs it takes constant travel. One show isn't enough. You need to be doing them back to back.

If at some point you find me with a small sandwich shop instead of at a gallery dont be surprised!

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