Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crappin Poo-- it's artshow time y'all

So far lots of things have gone wrong, including 3 of my large paintings getting screwed up. Messing up large paintings means messing up larger revenues. But with that said maybe 36 x 48 is to large for an art fair... Some things to note-- BUY track lighting! BUY TRACK LIGHTING. I bought some clip lights on a recommendation. No! This will not work. You must get track lighting and zip tie that shit up on every cross bar. Ok next! If you think you are going to spend --let's just say 1000 to keep it even (it will be way more than this) but if you think you are going to spend 1000 dollars just add 500 to that then double it. You will miss items, forget things, buy more things than you need-- and so on. Try to be early -- I tried-- I got up at 7. This is statically early for me- and I still ended up late. I missed the free food and beer because---- I had to go to-- home depot! For what-- lighting-- ding ding ding! Bring a dolly, and be prepared to ziptie everything in sight. This is especially true for potential clients.

Try and relax and enjoy the experience for what it's worth. Get to know your neighbors. You may end up meeting a great friend.



  1. Art shows will work and stress you for sure, but once your set up the interaction with people makes in worthwhile.