Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hellcat and brimstone

I need a week to decompress. I came home and my computer has gone mad. It's preventing me from posting all the lovely things you have sent to my inbox, as well as new call for artists.

Soooo, I will have to bore you with more art musings.

I'm wondering, in a world where crocs and snuggies reign supreme, where does a taste for fine art come in? We already know that art is not for the masses. I know this now for sure after a taste of an art fair. The abundant crowd is more interested in trinkets and prints. Why though? I think the reason has two prongs. First is price. Most will easily spend a few hundred dollars on booze, but for art it is hard to reach in the pocketbook. Second the want is not there. The want for a pair of monolos much outweighs that of a piece of art.

If you take into consideration the buying pool is very small, then you take in account finding that audience, the task is an uphill battle. I'm not saying it's not possible, and I'm also not trying to be discouraging. I Belive anyone can achieve anything they want in life. This just may be a little bit harder. It requires a strategy to sell Art, a bit of luck, and solid guts.

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