Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Juicing For Chronic Fatigue Day 7

I have made it a week on my Juice Fast.  Seven days on a juice fast seems like a month in regular days. To say this is easy, it is not.  Also for weight loss, I think there are other ways to achieve results that are not so rigid.   One example would be just to go straight into clean eating.  I am an advocate however for everyone adding juicing to their daily life.  We really fall short of the vitamins and minerals we need each day.  As Americans we have a huge problem with obesity and disease.  We are a nation of overweight and malnourished people.  Think about that for a minute... Most people that are malnourished are skeletal, from countries where there is no food.  Here it is the opposite, we have to much food with little to no nutritional value.

I started out this journey because I have been sick for a long time.  It has progressively gotten worse.  I was fine by all medical standards, yet I had a bevy of symptoms. Some of my symptoms cleared immediately upon fasting.  The small acne spots I would wake up with every day are gone. I have had no burning in my hands and feet.  The black patches on my shins have lessened.  I swear, as weird as it sounds, my eyesight is better.  I am not freezing cold all the time.  I have more energy. These are good things.

I am not going to proclaim that I am all the way cured.  My main problem that I am trying to combat is post exertional malaise.  Basically every time I exercise I end up sick for two days.  I have been active my whole life, and this is something that really bothers me.  I am going to start back slowly into more vigorous exercise, something besides yoga, and see what happens. I will have to eat healthily for the rest of my life.  Although my diet was not bad before, I can see where it was lacking in  a major way.

I have had every combo of juice I think I can imagine now, and really-- at the end of the day, juice is juice.  You have to suck it up and get used to it.  Get in a zone, get over it all.   

My weight has hit a level of homeostasis.  It's not going anywhere, which is fine.

Conclusional  info

If have a chronic illness I think juice fasting, UNDER MEDICAL SUPERVISION, is a good thing to do.  It also serves as a form of elimination diet where you can add one thing back at a time to see how your body reacts.  You should juice about 80% vegetables and 20% fruit.  

I am going to stay on my fast for another 3 days at least if not 7, but I am going to now incorporate salads and fruits whole, not juiced.  

While I was juicing I thought of some funny things-- you know you are on a juice fast when:

You cry when juice drips into the sink from peeling a lemon
Number two, you are sick as hell of peeling that lemon
When you see a green drink you feel somewhat dejected as opposed to a bright orange one where you start to smile
You have spent hours thinking of uses for leftover pulp, you even tried to feed it to your dog
You have actually rejuiced pulp  
You find strange spots on cabinets in the kitchen from where fruits and veg have shot out of the juicer
You KNOW without a doubt that you can not stick any fruit pit in your juicer, you have a black eye to prove it
You Think you have turned into the Plant from Little Shop of Horrors!

The usual info I include!

So if you've been keeping up, I've started juicing for health reasons. I have had a fatigue problem for a long time, but it's gotten worse and now I can't even exercise. This is the worst for me, as I love to be active. I watched the movie Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead and was immediately motivated to start juicing.

My plan right now is to do this for 7 days. I've been to the doctor and most everything shows up fine, that's why I'm taking this approach. You should always consult a doctor if you plan on doing any plan like this. I have a physician on duty ;).

If you are interested in process from day one you can click here: http://arthash.blogspot.com/search/label/Chronic%20Fatigue

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