Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Art Exhibit Gallery Bomb Dallas Texas

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GALLERY BOMB PRESENTS: Brick House Bandits art exhibition and block party

Exhibition: September 10th-Oct 1st

Oak Cliff- Tyler Davis arts district kicked things off this month with their first block party to celebrate art, music, and food. After an enormous turnout, Second Saturday’s event continues in September with a tremendous night filled with many surprises.

Gallery Bomb, is new art gallery in the edgy Tyler/Davis arts district of Oak Cliff; which is known for it’s diverse culture and history. On September 10th, they will be featuring a widely anticipated exhibition featuring two of the most talented artists in contemporary art today. Joe McSween and Steven Lopez create a beautiful mix of the female figure juxtaposed with rich textured layers seeking to reflect the emotion and inspiration found in the urban environment of modern society.

Joe McSween’s current work is rapidly evolving with new realistic dimension and an expanding use of bright colors and oils. Being a color blind artist might be considered a disadvantage by many, but he chooses to see this as an important advantage to his developmental process. “Most of my earlier works were primarily in black and white focusing on the form in beautiful compositions between positive and negative space. Now that I have a greater knowledge over the years it has helped me gain a higher understanding of using color in conjunction with my balanced compositions to accentuate my painting process as a whole.”

Early on Steven Lopez discovered that Jazz, Funk, Soul and Blues seemed to be ingrained into his very being. Not only did these influences release his creativity, they brought his unique contemporary urban style to life. You can see this in every facet of his creativity. Lopez’s work has been featured with Reebok, Nestle, Dunkin’ Donuts, Coachella, Pepsi, United Way, and Spy Optic. Noted celebrities that have worked with him include Erykah Badu, Akon and Jill Scott.. He has also made appearances on Fuel TV, BBC and the Discovery Channel.
Lopez’s work is inspired by relationships he cultivates with people, music, and art. What he learns from life’s experience is the foundation of his work. His formula is and always will be story, substance and then style.


Brandon Sellers
Phone: 817-793-6266
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URL: http://www.gallerybomb.com

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