Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm tired-- back from Austin

My head kind of hurts and I'm sleepy. I've been in the car most of the day and now I'm home and my dog, who has just had a bath, is smelling like farts and tuna-- uggh. So annoying! I basically am sitting here because I'm too tired to go to bed.

I'm glad to be home though, I went to Austin because my Hub had a conference-- it was hot as fucko and I missed a group show that my work was in-- in Dallas. That has made me kinda depressed-- but ehh-- what to do...

Since it was so hot all we could really do was eat- I ate and ate. Damn now she's itching (pulls hair out). I think I might be so tired because I'm in a food coma. I can't eat that much, so most nights I skipped dinner-- I still feel like I've been supersized.

I saw cool shit in Austin-- they don't call that place weird for nothing! If you haven't been you should go. If it had have been cooler I would have found more art for you.

Dude on the road

This looks like a provocation...


Bubble tea-- again because it was good.

Graffiti on graffiti


Faile Art

Man womans?



  1. aww that's my hometown :-) Where did you go for bubble tea?

  2. it was a place right off the drag momoko? So good