Thursday, August 25, 2011

Call to Artist Texas Can You Make Art out of a Keg?
Live It BIG, Inc. is holding the 2nd Monsters Of Beer Charity Festival on Nov. 12, 2011. The event will take place at Guadalupe Plaza Park in Houston’s East End. We expect to host approximately 3000 attendees with another 500+/- volunteers and brewery personnel at the event. The festival will run from 12-6pm and will have approximately 50 breweries in attendance serving 100 unique craft beers. This isn’t your typical “BMC” beer fest. We want to encourage growth in America’s craft beer and especially in supporting Texas’ craft beer community. All the beer is donated and all net proceeds go to support our 2011 charities: Friday Harbour and Stepping Stones Charter School. For more information, visit our website:

The Challenge: take a standard, dull keg and make it a work of art.

We have acquired 10 empty, but functional kegs from a Texas brewery. We would like to see what the artistic community can do with these rather unfortunate looking receptacles. If your idea is accepted, you will implement your artistic vision on the aforementioned keg, and we will display it for all to see during the Monsters Of Beer Charity Festival. We will offer the kegs for sale at a silent auction to be held during the festival. All proceeds go to Live It BIG, Inc. to support our charitable mission of supporting small, start-up charities in Houston.

The Rules.

1. Idea Details: We’d like to see what you can come up with for the keg. Please provide the following:

a. a written description of your idea/what you intend to do

b. a list of materials you intend to use (at least for now)

c. a visual representation of the intended finished product

d. and a bio of yourself

e. together in one PDF file (sorry, not all of our Board members have Adobe Illustrator)

2. Submission Deadline: Your idea will need to be submitted to by Aug. 20, 2011. A committee will review all submissions and will choose 10 designs. The committee will be made up of the three Board Members of Live It BIG, Inc. and Diane Barber of Diverse Works. Designs can be submitted in paper form as well as long as it is post-marked by August 20th. Mail submissions to 4108 Lillian St., Unit D, Houston, TX 77007.

3. Announcement of Selected Designs: We will announce the selected designs on August 31, 2011. We will make a formal announcement on our website,

4. Keg Must Remain Functional: We envision that these kegs will be bid upon by local home brewers who will want to use them in their normal brewing and beer storage processes. Thus, the kegs’ integrity must remain intact – i.e. you can’t puncture the vessel, lessen the thickness of the keg wall, nor should you do anything that would impede the functionality of the keg collar (the place where you attach the keg pump, etc.). Also, since beer typically tastes better cold, the keg will still need to fit in a refrigerator or typical trash can after the artist is done with his/her design. Other than that, feel free to go to town with your design.

5. Rights To Photos: All artists will retain the rights to photos of the kegs for any use other than for sale. Rights to the photos will be shared by the artist and Live It BIG, Inc. and the ultimate purchaser of the keg. Keg ownership will transfer to the silent auction winner upon payment and all rights by Live It BIG, Inc. to the keg (other than photographic) cease at that time. Artists agree that the kegs provided to them are on loan only and that they retain no rights of ownership to the kegs at any time.

6. Taking Possession of the Keg: Artists will be given their kegs by appointment on Sept 1, 2 or 3rd.

7. Final Product Due: Kegs must be completed and delivered to 4108 Lillian St., Unit D, Houston, TX 77007 by Nov. 1, 2011. We will post photos of the kegs on our website and will also post short biographies of each artist along with the inspiration behind the keg design and any other information the artist deems important in interpreting his/her design. We hope to partner with a local media group to publish the photos, artist bios and the purpose of the kegs to a larger audience. However, we do not have this lined up at this time and we may not be able to secure such publicity.

8. Free Passes: Each artist whose design is selected will be given 2 VIP passes to the Monsters Of Beer Charity Festival provided the artist and his/her guest is 21 years old as of Nov 12, 2011 (no one under 21 can be admitted). VIP passes aren’t available to the public for purchase, and are only available to media, brewery personnel and volunteers, so you get all the perks of a VIP without the responsibility of any actual duties during the event. The pass entitles you to enter via a VIP entrance, access to the Brewers/Volunteers area where there will be private toilets, food, water and other amenities. There will be bands, food pairing events, and more.

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