Monday, August 8, 2011

Artwork Open Call OXIDE @ banter Show: September 2011Show Denton Texas

This is a multi-artist juried theme show open to all artists...      Each artist must be present and involved during each step of our multi-step showing
process personally.  From submitting artwork to artwork pick-up, if an artist is
unavailable or unwilling to participate in each step personally, we are unable to
accept and show their artwork.
- No Exceptions
Theme:  No theme, just an eclectic showing of artwork created by local artists.
Parameters:   Subject matter is open to anything.  Artwork should reflect the artist's own personal
Restrictions:  2 dimensional artwork only... Original artwork only... No Reproductions.   No
restrictions on medium or size.  All artwork must be submitted ready for installation per gallery rules
for hanging in banter.
View Rules -
Pricing:  This is a retail gallery exhibition and everything submitted must be for sale and priced
correctly to sale.  Any artist found over pricing their artwork because they want it to be seen, but
want to discourage people from purchasing their artwork will be banned from ever showing at OXIDE
Gallery again.
OXIDE Gallery does not negotiate with perspective customers on the price of artwork.  If you
want to sell your artwork, you must price your artwork at the lowest price you are willing to accept for
the artwork (including the gallery's commission).
Do not price your artwork high and tell us to come
down if needed to make a sale, it won't happen.

Number of Entries allowed:  2 pieces artwork per artist.
Submission Dates:  Friday, August 26th thru Saturday, August 27th  
Submissions can be delivered to OXIDE Gallery Fri 9a - 5p and Sat 9a - 1p.
No submissions accepted after close of business on Saturday, August 27th.

Each artist will need to drop off their submissions in person and fill out a Schedule A form
and Artist's Contact form.  The jury will review all entries and make their selections. Artists
will be contacted the next week with the jury’s decisions.  Artists are required to come
back in no later than S
aturday, September 10th and sign contracts and/or pick up
unselected artwork.  Show will open with an opening reception on S
eptember 16th and
run thru N
ovember 16th.  Unsold artwork can be picked up starting on November 17th.

If you have any questions about this process please don't hesitate to contact us!

OXIDE Gallery
501 W Hickory St.
Denton, TX 76201

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