Thursday, August 25, 2011

Call to Artists Red Space Gallery Austin Seeks Show Proposals

Red Space is an apartment gallery in Austin, TX. Red Space seeks to diversify the Austin art scene by focusing on the work of emerging artists and encouraging challenging new work in a non-traditional setting. Red Space is devoted to showing artists exploring experimental methods, high concept, as well as dynamic traditional work.

Propose a solo or group exhibition at Red Space:

Please email your CV, artist’s statement, and proposal along with 5-10 images that clearly represent your work as a whole. Be sure to include your contact information (if you have a website where your work and CV can be viewed, a link will suffice instead of emailing your information and images.) All documents and images must be attachments, send to Artists selected for exhibition will be chosen by Caitlin G. McCollom unless there is a juried exhibition or guest curator.

The space is 10 feet by 10 feet (a cube) with a sliding door closet on one wall and a small 3×4 window on the opposite wall of the closet. We can put up auxiliary walls if you need the closet and window covered. The ceiling is 8 feet high. The floor is wood laminate.

Proposal format:

Your proposal should briefly detail what your exhibition would be, including the medium of your work, and any special circumstances (for example, if your work requires a lot of technology, is extremely messy, loud, or bloody I need to know.) Your proposal should also include a concise concept statement.

Keep in mind Red Space is roughly the size of a bedroom and cannot accommodate very large projects. Refer to the “about” page for information on the kind of exhibitions featured at Red Space Gallery. Send all documents for consideration to

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