Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vanity Gallery An Email Question...

Hi Sonia!

Figuring you *might* have the answer to my question :)

Do you know of Dacia Gallery is a Gallery to keep away from? Hear anything good or bad about them?


I received this letter via email yesterday. I tell you, its hard to be an artist these days with all the scammy type things out there.  I took a look at their website, and as nice as it was they had a call for an upcoming exhibition with a $35 dollar entry fee. This is not uncommon, they have a juror-- albeit one that didn't look that credentialed. What really bothered me was a call that was right below it that was for a solo show.  This call also charged a $35 fee.  This little piece of info tipped me off that this was a vanity gallery.  It is also a gallery that specialized in emerging artists (read easy to fool).

Artists, do not pay for solo shows, group shows, etc...  Unless you are in a collective of some sort then this is ok, but it is not ok in a gallery.  Second, when entering shows with fees, make sure the juror is reputable, not just anyone.  

I hope you artists are really careful when you are entering shows.  There are lots of galleries out there that will take your money and will give you nothing in return.  If you have a question you can send it to me and I will look into it, if I am uncertain I will dig more until I find out the right info.

Happy Art Making!

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