Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What makes art good?

Really I don't know? Is it because it's in a gallery? Or maybe it's in a publication. Sometimes I see such shit and wonder where does everything else in-between fit in...

Are artists in a small town doomed to paint cows? Or to not ever be seen?

Are artists in large towns forced to paint psycho things to get noticed?

What makes someone's paint line better than another?


  1. What's interesting is that artist at certian times in the past two centuries thought that they were revolutionizing art for the future, but that future invariably rejected that advancement. Van gogh and Gauguin and Cezanne thought they were building a foundation for an art that would share their values. The cubists thought they solved the problems of painting as did the Ab-Exs and so forth. It was really all about difference and newness and progress though each participant thought they were playing the end game. And now post-modernism denies progress and hierarchy all the time following every new technological trend. The question of what makes a line "good" is completely moot and only of historical interest. If there is a winner it is Pop Art and its collapsing of fine art into lower culture. Art is now about politics, pseudo social sciences and technology and has completely lost any sense of timelessness and intrinsic value. It is really pointless to paint and draw but some of us do , enveloped in some Kafkaeque fog. Just sayin...

  2. Sometimes it's just shit. And I don't mean "the shit."

  3. Art is neither good nor bad; it is simply connected or disconnected visually, and/or emotionally from its viewer.

  4. I think it just depends whether or not you are Jesus or Satan.