Monday, May 2, 2011

Artist of the Week Brett Dyer

Brett Dyer lives in Dallas, where he is currently exhibiting and teaching art history, art appreciation, design, painting and drawing courses at El Centro, Collin College, and Tarrant County College.  He is a part time art instructor and someday wants to own a gallery of his own exhibiting student and upcoming artists' work.  He continues to create, and he vows to never stop.  

Artist’s Statement
  As I create, I merely turn my hands over to my heart and my mind. I reflect what I see, hear, and feel.  I exhibit others and myself through a visual therapy to help myself understand and process daily life.  I do this because it is what my body and mind compel me to do.  I do not hate, judge or call names within my work.  I reflect human nature.
I ask myself, what do I need to say?  Why am I doing this at this moment?  What significance do I or my work serve in this world?  Then, it just comes out of me.  I believe that if you do not bring out what is inside of you, what is inside of you will eventually destroy you.    My work has developed over the years from complete representations of images and emotion towards a more heartfelt personal style of expression.  Instead of thinking before I create, I think as I create and resolve formal problems as I work through a piece.  Painting and combining forms gives me the freedom to put my emotions and actions into my work.  This places me present within my work.  If you do not present yourself to the world; you deny the world of yourself.
I know technically by certain opinionated “aesthetic” guidelines my work is full of flaws, but so am I and so is life, and I am totally aware of this.  My work is honest, vulnerable and raw.  Once the paint dries, the painting dies and then transforms to a memory of a moment in time that I existed in.  My work is both my shadow and my soul.    My experiences in life are my work.  I reflect what I am confronted with day-to-day.  I am a mirror to my environment and myself.  Everything I have ever seen or interacted with influences my work and me both intentionally and subconsciously.  I use all that is around me and inside of me to do what I do.  As an art instructor, each day I am submerged into art history and the art of my students.  Both inspire and educate me equally.   My work is my life, and my life is my work.  They would not exist without each other.    

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