Monday, May 2, 2011

CURRENT CALL FOR ENTRIES Inanimate Denver Museum of Contemporary Art

juror Adam Lerner - Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver
Jpg submissions due no later than 8pm on May 13th, 2011

Opening Reception Friday, June 17, 6-9p
Exhibit runs June 17 - July 30, 2011

About the show
Working with Artists is issuing an international Call for Entries for Inanimate, an exhibition of still life photography.

Inanimate. Inanimate objects, are, literally: objects not in motion.
Still life in art has a long, rich tradition in history. Still lifes in Egyptian tombs provided food for the deceased. Allegorical still lifes of the Middle Ages gave way to the natural botanicals of the Sixteenth Century, followed by the depiction of everyday items in the Eighteenth Century. The Twentieth Century's proliferation of artistic movements reimagined the still life in exciting new ways, making them more abstract.
Viewers imbue a still life with a deeper meaning. In a still life, one looks at an object and begins to fabricate a narrative around the object, charging it with meaning. Multiple objects placed together—in irony or symbolism, for example--generate layers of complexity as the objects themselves seem to spin a story. Food in a still life may be more than merely decorative- it might also imply impermanence and death.
For Inanimate, we are seeking the motionless as a way to express wisdom to the living. Objects that say something about us –about our journey and about how we see, live, work, love, and die in this world.

To Enter:
The exhibition is open to all domestic & international photographers of all ages, working with digital or traditional photography or a combination of both.
Juried by Adam Lerner, Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

Jpg submissions due no later than 8pm on Friday, May 13th, 2011

Artists MUST title their jpgs with their initials first VPG_title.jpg OR VPG_1.jpg. Images improperly titled will not be accepted.
Jpgs should not be over 2.5MB in size

Jpgs can be entered via email to or a CD can be mailed to WWA - 445 S. Saulsbury St, Main Gallery, Lakewood CO, 80226

An entry fee of $35 for up to three images, and $5 each image thereafter, or $25 for WWA/CLICK! Members, $5 each thereafter shall be included with the entry. Checks can be made to "WWA" or credit card payments can be made over the phone to 303-837-1341

Juried artists in the exhibition who make a sale in the gallery will be refunded their full entry fee

There is no limit to the number of images that may be submitted.

Artists must include an Entry Form with submission.
Selections will be announced no later than Friday, May 20th, and selected framed images will be due in gallery no later than Tuesday, June 14th, 8p.

Sales: Commission is 70/30 for Members of WWA or 60/40 for non-members.

All framing must be black wood or metal and of high archival standards with wire on the back. No sawtooth hangers will be accepted. All mats must be white or off white unless otherwise approved by the Gallery.
Work not framed using these standards should have prior approval by gallery staff. The gallery reserves the right to reject any work not meeting printing or framing qualifications. The Gallery also understands that work may be framed in a non-traditional way that is integral to the art. Please contact the Gallery in advance if you feel your work fits into this criteria.

Work sent from out of state will need to include payment for return of work.
About the juror:

Adam Lerner is the Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver and Chief Animator in the Department of Structures and Fictions. He was the founder and Executive Director of The Laboratory of Art and Ideas at Belmar until The Lab merged with the MCA Denver in March 2009.

Lerner was previously Master Teacher for Modern and Contemporary Art at the Denver Art Museum from 2001 to 2003. While at the Denver Art Museum, Lerner worked with Director Lewis Sharp and Continuum Partners to conceptualize and create a new contemporary cultural space for the Denver community. These discussions were the impetus for The Lab at Belmar.

Prior to his arrival in Colorado, Lerner served as Curator of the Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, where he also curated several exhibitions, including new projects with Christian Marclay, Dennis Adams, and Isaac Julien.

Lerner received his Ph.D. from the Johns Hopkins University and his Master's from Cambridge University. He was a Fellow at the Smithsonian American Art Museum from 1997 to 1998.

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