Friday, May 27, 2011

The Art World Disney World Wally World

Why is it called the art world?  Maybe because it is actually a different world from which we live.  Everyone is not invited.  In this broad spectrum uninvitation people are alienated. Artists are alienated to.  Galleries are having a hard time right now, but artwork is still selling.  Why do you suppose this is? Are we tired of the super elitism...  Has the spectrum of art become so pinched that we are missing the flow, the beat of the real drum?  If I were to cast a guess it would go like this.  Artists are quantified by their sell ability, and this meter is skewed.  Everyone wants what is hot at the moment, yet there are few willing to take a risk on creatives that have not been proven.  Where does that leave us? Seeing the same thing coast to coast, prairie to prairie, cow patty to cow patty.  The same same thing.  Who is being inventive.  What galleries are taking the risks?  Have you seen any?  Do you know whose work you are looking at when you see it, or does it all look like it just came out of one big movement...  I can generally name for you what you will see in most galleries around.

1. Abstracts Painting a whole canvas red. done
2. Dirty gun art
3. Animal heads
4. gas masks
5. Tanks
6. drips
7. computer generated copies of anime
9. Dicks, tits and such
10. Word art
11. illustration of death
12. chickens and chicken eggs
13. red sculpture

What do you see?

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