Tuesday, May 24, 2011


2011-05-24 until 2011-08-31
Annex:art Berlin, , DE Germany

Digital Unity: The call is open to all artists working in digital medium; digital collage, digital video, digital audio installation or digital painting - details on this call are available at the website below under "Call for Artists" The concept of this project will be to present various forms of digital art in a unified digital installation. Artist submissions are open to digital photography, digital audio installation, digital collage, digital painting and digital video clips. Each entry will be evaluated on its own merit with respect to inclusion in the final digital installation. At least 10 digital images will be chosen for printing and inclusion in an exhibition which will be part of the installation. All other digital materials will be utilized and included in a digital projection project as part of an artist residency and ultimately included in the final installation.

The installation will be presented to the public in Lübzow, Germany on October 2, 2011 with the entire installation then being presented in a Berlin gallery beginning on October 15. Artists are welcomed to travel to Germany for the opening event and may also be interested in participating in installing the installation during the week leading up to the vernissage on October 2. One artist will additionally be chosen to compile the digitalized material into the final installation. Applications for this residency are separate from the submission of artwork for inclusion in the installation. Any artist wishing to take part in installing the show can inquire about the availability and terms of accommodations for this project. The project is two fold: Call-for-Entries will be opened to all artists working in a digital medium. Each artist may submit up to 5 works for consideration in the project. Deadline for entries is August 31, 2011. Artist Residency will be offered to one artist who will be selected to utilize his/her creative talents to incorporate the submitted materials into the final installation. This will be a four week residency. The resident artist will be housed at the Kunsthof Tangendorf where he/she will be provided room & board, necessary materials and assistance to create the installation. This artist will also receive free transfer from either Berlin or Hamburg to Tangendorf and back, plus a transportation allowance of up to 500.00 for airfare or rail fare to Berlin or Hamburg. Residency begins on September 1, 2011. Deadline for applications is July 15, 2011. Selected artist will be notified no later than July 31.

Fees: €25.00
Commission: 15%
E-mail: Dr. Jörg Bauer
Phone: +49 038789 90239
Website: http://www.annexart.com

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