Monday, June 28, 2010

Museum Interview: Madi Museum Dallas

Local Dallas Museum of Geometric and MADI Art Interview Q & A
What is the name of your MuseumMuseum of Geometric and MADI Art
What is your name and what is your position at the Museum:  Dorothy Masterson, Executive Director
Describe your Museum space: The principal exhibit space which can be used for meetings or parties is 1630 square feet, but there is an additional 580 square feet of hallways that contain art, plus a stairway, shops and offices with another 900 square feet.
How long has the Museum been open: since 2003--six years.
What type of work do you showcase: 20th and 21st century geometric and MADI (irregularly shaped, hard-edged, often three dimensional and/or kinetic) art.
Do you work with local artists or artists from all over:  Local and worldwide.  Many are from South America
Do you add new artists regularly and if so what is the process in which you select them:  Either they are part of the worldwide MADI movement or they apply here, sending discs or bringing by their work
What is your personal favorite exhibition from the Museum, past or present, and why:  The Auguste Herbin (French, 1882-1860) retrospective.  Herbin was a pre-MADI geometric artist who helped introduce MADI, which started in Buenos Aires in 1946, to the Parisian art world.  His art is both beautiful and interesting.
How many shows do you have each year:  Four temporary exhibits  and several Arcadia Salons (art discussion groups)
What is a typical event like at the Museum:  Our Arcadia Salons are lively discussions led by artists and art lovers.  Opening nights are parties with food and wine.  People have a good time at both.
Just for fun who is your favorite artist, living or dead, and what about their work moves you:  Obviously I like geometric and MADI art.  Since I know most of the artists personally, this would be like choosing among one's children to name a favorite.  Carmelo Arden Quin is the founder of MADI.
What new things do you have in store for this year:  Artist Gonçalo Ivo will come from Brazil, Inés Silva from Venezuela and Viktor Hulik from Slovakia to conduct Arcadia Salons.
Do you have any up coming exhibit that you would like to tell us about:   March 20 -June 7 Expansionismo:  transformable works featuring Omar Carreño and other South American artists.    June 12 -  September 6:  New local MADI artists.  September 11 -November:  Slovakian artists Viktor Hulik and Milan Dobes with unique light art and transformable art.
  Museum of Geometric and MADI Art
 3109 Carlisle St., Dallas, 75204

Madi Art Museum Dallas

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