Monday, June 28, 2010

Local Dallas Kettle Art Interview Q & A

Kettle Art
What is the name of your Gallery: Kettle Art
What is your name and what is your position at the Gallery: Frank Campagna - Director

Describe your Gallery space: Not high-brow, not low-brow, pretty much uni-brow.

How long has the gallery been open: 3 1/2 years
What type of work do you showcase: mid career living artist
Do you work with local artists or artists from all over: Regional - Texas artists only

Do you add new artists regularly and if so what is the process in which you select them: they should drop by when we are open with a few samples of their work. It is better when they just come around and get to know us first, help out and they naturally just become part of the crew.

What is your personal favorite exhibition from the gallery, past or present, and why: The 6 x 6 show stands out even though we were really pretty green at the time. We had six curators who selected six artists each who knocked out six paintings each All works were done on 6 x 6 inch boards and the show opened on Tuesday, June 6, 2006 too so we kind of deep sixed everything all at once w/ a clean presentation. Coincidentally we sold 66 pieces that night at $66.00 each.

What is a typical event like at the Gallery: Calm before the storm, the storm and then the aftermath.

Just for fun who is your favorite artist, living or dead, and what about their work moves you: Too many at Kettle alone let alone all those from elsewhere or the great dead ones... Richard Ross for his works whimsical nature. Mark Nelson for his clean linear work, Tyson Summers for his design strength, Sergio Garcia for his ability to out do his peers conceptually, Cathy Miller for her intense use of light, Judith Perkins for how her work exudes beauty. Ryan Thies for his far out mind and the way he presents it in his works. This is not counting the photographers that also bring greatness to the big picture that Kettle Art is.

 What new things do you have in store for this year: Staying open, finding new talent, working with them and easing them into spotlight shows. Our next show 'Birds vs. Skulls' will be an open show and will feature common images that come across our walls regularly. The next will be 'Bocah' a photo exhibit curated by Havi Frost. We are also looking at a spotlight show with Jaymie Nourallah, Ryann Rathbone and Misha Flores sometime this Summer.
Do you have any up coming exhibit that you would like to tell us about:
Birds vs. Skulls opens March 21, 2009. Opening reception will be from 7:00 - 10:00PM

 Kettle Art
 2714 Elm Deep Ellum 75226
 214 573-7622
 Contact Person: Frank Campagna

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