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Artist in Residency Chianti


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Artists in residence
The Macina di San Cresci is member of RES ARTIS,  the International Association of Residential Arts Centre , established in the Netherlands in the 1993. It is the largest existing network  of artist residency programs numbering over 200 members drawn from more than 40 countries.
"It reflects a belief that there is intrinsic value in investing in the individual artist because of the artist's unique and critical role in our culture and society.
A residence provides the environment for small and large artistic breakthroughs. An emerging artist may use the artist residency as a stepping stone to further his or her artistic identity and career. An established artist may experiment with new ideas, media and artistic preocesses. In all cases, artists have freedom for artistic exploration."
( by a publication of the New York State artist workspace consortium)



The artist residency program provides the ideal combination of living and working in a setting of truly inspirational beauty.
Artist residency consist of sojourning from 7 to 90 days, with a possible time extention subject to availability.
This period covers a program based on the personal project proposal presented.
 The  artists are expected to pursue work independently  or together with other creative people from other countries, developing and interchanging concise ideas on contemporary art and culture.
The artist has open access to the space and equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We will provide promotion through exibition, publication and/or exposure.
As an archive of activities is scheduled to publish a yearbook representative of the various experiences hosted and produced using photos and texts of artists and events.
Also we provide services archiving artists on our website.
Sending the application form  and with the acceptance of candidature, the artist give the permission to reproduce the images of his/her works on our website and publication.
The program is running all year. NO DEADLINE.
Applications: who/howApplications are open to artists of all proficiencies-beginners to more advanced artists.
How apply
Candidates should submit:
  1. The completed application form (may be downloaded from website )
  2. An up-to-date Curriculum Vitae with personal details
  3. An example of recent work (photographs, catalogues, publications, articles, CD etc.; For the writers : short writing sample)
  4. An explanation or outline of the project to be undertaken during the residence
  5. The desired dates for your stay
Mail application package to:
La Macina di San Cresci
Pieve di San Cresci 1
50022 Greve in Chianti (FI) Italy

Selection procedureApplicants are invited based upon resume, compatibility and stated artistic intentions.
Admissions Timetable - There are no application deadlines. Decision dates are on the 15th of every month, and responses will go out within 15 days. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
Presentation of artists' workAt the end of the residency, we host an Open Studios day, open to the general public. This is a great chance for the artists to share the work done during the residency with a broader audience who is made up of professionals, art lovers, neighbors, friends.Exibition and public talks takes place at discretion of  the La Macina staff and in agreement with the resident artist.
During the year we organize workshop of photography, painting, sculpture, art glass and decorative paper. The artists in residence take part in the workshop.

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