Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Letter From an Artist

I received this letter and for some reason it really spoke to me.  We all have the same hopes no matter what part of the world we are in.  Thanks Mithran for writing in.


I am Mithran A from Udupi,Karnataka. 21 years of age.At present doing engineering in Manglore, Karnataka.But I don't want to do job in some company.My dream is to become world famous artist then  I want to build a famous art gallery in India.

  Here I attached some of  my best paintings and I also attached my photo.I never copied any painting and it's my own watercolor painting.I just referred some photographs for clarity.For HOLI painting,I took reference from TOI newspaper photo,which published during holi festival. I can say that totally I spend more then 300 hours for all my paintings. Because my main intention is clarity of the painting .For KATHAKKALLI  painting,I consumed 23 days and last year I got state award (photos attached) for this painting.For Holi painting also I consumed more than 50 hours and I spend almost 1 month for my recent painting of ODISSI.
                                                           THANK YOU
                                                                                                    Yours faithfully,
                                                                                                         Mithran A           


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