Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ayr Art Transformation Tour

 Ayr Art Transformation Tour featuring Artist Melissa Ayr benefiting The Book Bank Foundation

¤ Dallas ¤ Austin ¤ Los Angeles ¤ San Francisco ¤ New York ¤

Artist Melissa Ayr has teamed up with the Book Bank Foundation and Glenn Toby to do a national art exhibition entitled, the "Ayr Art Transformation Tour" to raise funds for the Book Bank Foundation so that we can continue to promote literacy and eradicate homelessness around the country.
Meet with Melissa Ayr, Glenn Toby, fellow collectors, philanthropists & top athletes for a night of enrichment and giving.

2010 Tour Dates

Dallas: August 21st
Austin: September 18th
Los Angeles: October 16th
San Francisco: November 13th
New York City: December 11th

Melissa Ayr is considered one of the most prolific abstract artists in America, incorporates high energy, fluidity, growth, and life into her distinctive art.  Melissa Ayr’s art has hung in The Guggenheim Museum in New York, and been in Homes of high profile clients including Academy Award Winner Robin Williams and Ex-President of the United States Bill Clinton.  Earlier this year, Melissa was featured with a solo exhibition “Ocean Drive” as part the Celebrity Super Bowl Charity Bash in Miami Beach, FL.  Just last year, Melissa was featured as the only American Artist at the 2009 World Wilderness Congress with her ground breaking

“Wild Thing” painting that raised awareness and funding for the Wild Foundation and Jane Goodall.  Melissa Ayr, has a simple mission; create with passion, and open the World’s mind to creativity.
Glenn Toby, founder of the Book Bank Foundation, and celebrity agent is known for representing some of the hottest talent in the sports and entertainment world. As a mentor to athletes and entertainment artists, Glenn Toby has guided the careers and advised a spectrum of high profile superstars from political to spiritual leaders, hip hop stars to top tier athletes. Glenn Toby uses his life experiences and challenges from rising from a homeless child to successful executive to inspire people.

The Book Bank Foundation  is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1997.  The Book Bank Foundation has over  250+ Members and has been able of stimulate change in an average of 10,000 lives a year while helping communities with over 45,000 hours of community service in the last 10 years.  To that end, proceeds will be used to fund and create programs to promote literacy, eradicate poverty, ignorance and homelessness. The Book Bank Foundation will use programs that stimulate and assist us in increasing our resources, funding and create positive models of behavior, critical thinking, workshops and reconnect people to society.

Tour Sponsorship Opportunities

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