Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Artist Interview: Jeremy McKane

What is your name: Jeremy McKane

Do you have a formal art education or are you a self taught artist: Self

What is the style of your pieces: Mixed Media: Photography on Aluminum.

What is the medium in which you work: Photography / Metal

What started you on your path as an artist: The need to create and express and the equal need to share.

What is one of the most important things that art has brought to your life: Challenge. I am always up for any challenge. As I look back most of my accomplishments have been because someone told me that I could not do something or it would be impossible. I’m very hard headed. I find that a good challenge often pushes you to do something great (IF YOU LET IT) but you need to realize that those who place the challenge often do not have the ability to do themselves. My advice, succeed with a tablespoon of humility. You will thank me later.

What is your favorite genre of art besides the one you work in: Sculpture but I love photography. It’s painting with light.

Do you have art showings, and if so what are they typically like: Yes, I am currently showing 6 pieces at Ro2art on Commerce street across from neiman marcus. Most of my work is of west texas but I am starting to introduce the urban collection which shows a different side of the human element. Some of these images have not been publicly seen before and have been in hiding since 2004.

Do you have a certain set of clothes you make art in: Negative..

What has been the most frustrating part of being an artist? The competition of brokers. I really don’t care about drama, I just want to create my art.

What is your favorite sandwich of all time: Pressed Media Noche (that’s a random question) (Semone) I'm a bit of a foodie

Has this year brought about any changes in your work, and if so what are they: Yes, I am currently working on the same theme in different places than just west texas. I also have an underwater project coming. More details as my next show comes up. I can’t give it all away yet.

Who is your favorite artist alive or dead: Philip-Lorca diCorcia

What is the most moving piece of artwork that you have seen in person: “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte” 1884 Georges Seurat. – Probably because I enjoyed this as a child and to finally see it when I was an adult really was something. It’s like ordering an iPhone and waiting 20 years to get it. I also enjoy work that makes you think: “How long did this take?” or “How did he do this?!”.

Do you have any animals, and what do they think of your work: Yes, I think he’s afraid of it but as long as he is fed he doesn’t care about anything. If that were MY only problem…. J

Do you have any upcoming exhibitions you would like to share with us:  As mentioned, I have a show at Ro2ART, “floral to fantastic” it runs thru July 3rd (yes this Saturday).

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