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Art Shows Dallas

wine therapist

For Immediate Release 
Hati Chivaviro-Munetsi
(214) 850.5822

The Wine Therapist
1810 Skillman St. at liveoak in Lakewood
Dallas, TX
214-821-WINE (9463)

Synmic Arts Exposes Emerging Dallas Artists
"Art 010" provides a cross-medium platform for upcoming local artists.
August 7th - DALLAS, TX - 7PM UNTIL 11PM - Synmic Arts' exhibition, "Art 010," at The Wine Therapist reveals new, original Dallas artistic talent. Showcasing the works of local visual, musical, performing, and jewelry artists, Synmic Arts continues to establish itself as vehicle for artists to strengthen Dallas' budding art scene and share collective resources.
According to Hati Chivaviro-Munetsi, "in Dallas, it's a difficult community's about who you know because most people (collectors and buyers) are not willing to take a chance on you." "Art 010" provides an opportunity for artists to come together, express their passions with one another and gain exposure to those deeper involved within the artistic community.
Featured visual artists include Hati Chivaviro-Munetsi; Joe Bridges; Amy Sala; Heather Blaikie, Kelly Megert; and Jasmine Ackbar. Music will be provided by Adam Pickrell and Tom Spicer; food by Chef David Anthony. 
"Art 010" exemplifies Synmic Arts commitment to bring the Dallas' art population together by coupling rising artistic talent with a venue for exposure.


About Synmic Arts
Synmic Arts was founded in 2004 by Zimbabwe born Hati Chivaviro-Munetsi. After co-founding De Leon Arts and working in conjunction with Selvin DeLeon of 3wp and Giani Madrini at W2 studio for the Revive Deep Ellum Festival, Chivaviro-Munetsi desired a way to support and deepen the struggling Dallas Art community as well as be a viable member of it. Dedicated to the idea that art is about giving birth to a creation that takes on its own life, Synmic Arts strives to further the careers of artisans and does not collect any profits from the either buyers or artists.

map   map
Hatiruzezi Munetsi is a Zimbabwean born and raised artist. Her work could be best described as post modern, contemporary, figurative art. The artist has resided in the United States since 21 years of age, for the last 18 years of her career. Her contributions to art have spanned a variation of professional fields as well as an extensive personal desire for creativity.

Every artist dips their brush into their soul and paints their own understanding of the universe. Henry Ward Beecher

These words were shared by a friend at a very trying time in my career as an artist. They served to help me understand that I alone can dig into my soul and communicate my understanding of the world around me. I alone can own that moment. A college professor I once had, asked in a very challenging manner, why I did not paint and draw more according to my heritage? By my heritage he meant the teaming streets of a suburban Africa? Or perhaps he meant the rolling veldts of the savanna? He could even have meant the cubist influencing, figurative sculpture of my people that is carved out of solid granite but transmits a delicacy born out of human experience. I could no more answer his question at the time than I could understand it. I found it limiting. That is until I realized that I embody the very spirit of my ancestors just by dean of being alive. I have strived to do my people justice by answering my own voice. I feel proud to be able to say that I can hold my head high when called to account to what I stand for.
Truth, justice, solidarity, in creativity.
Furthering the human race, so we can be in a place of peaceful co-existence.
I now consider myself to be a citizen of this world, and raise my voice to all, casting out my own challenge. Let not our different heritages divide but unite us as one people with a common purpose.

What is the common purpose for humanity? I still search. Sometimes the answer seems to be close at hand at other times it is a soul wrenching exercise that seems futile, except when I paint or draw or find in me a creative moment, a language that my brothers and sisters can hear, even if they don't fully understand. A blue line next to a red line exists simply for the pleasure of existing, and that very existence must be guarded in order to preserve the simplicity of being alive. We are here to live life not for life to live us

1988-1999 Independent Language Secretarial Arts and Academics, Harare, Zimbabwe
1989 Advanced certification in Fine art through Cambridge University, London.
1995 Associate in Arts, Richland Community College, Decatur, IL
1997 BFA. emphasis art therapy, Minor in psycholgy. Millikin University, IL
2000 Certification in elementary education and art education K-12 grade, post graduate course, TWU, TX

Hati has worked closely with the Dallas community residents, and artists. Her involvement has included volunteering at the homeless shelters, mentoring students outside of school time, enriching their lives with exposure to art. Ms. Munetsi has also been instrumental in putting together charity benefits for organizations such as Bryan's House (for children living with aids), working together with Selvin Deleon of DeLeon Arts, now 3WP, donating artwork for fund raisers to organizations such as The African American Museum Of Art, and raising funds for individuals in need of medical assistance, through the collaboration of local artists. A collaboration short film interview can be found on, archives (enter Dallas), a collaboration with film makers Kevin Nash, and Tiffany Kieran. Hati's art work has shown internationally as well as locally, beginning with her first group exhibit at the Zimbabwe National art gallery (youth exhibit), winning a second place award for her color composition, followed by a solo exhibit at Kirkland Art Gallery In Decatur IL. In the City of Dallas Hati has participated in co. and group exhibits, showing with Gallery XO, Luna Gallery, Mutt Gallery, Bubble Gallery, ONLI Boutique, and in many restaurants and private cellars such as Sambucca, Velvet Hookah (exhibits and murals), Shadow Lounge, Meridian Room, Exposition Park Cafe, Absinthe Lounge, Wine Therapist. 

aunt amy artVioleta Gutierrez pic

Kelly Megert

Most of my current work uses lace and sprayed acrylic paint to create pattern and repetition. When I started using lace in my work in 2005, it began as an exploration of the ideas of femininity and domesticity and the fading of these concepts in current times. My use of lace then became more conceptual, focused on pattern, repetition, and color; and the contrast between these continuous patterns and hard edge lines, and the human desire to organize chaos.
The paintings that I am working on now are focused on imitation and flattery, using lace to imitate nature. After all, that is how painting began, as an imitation of nature. I enjoy how the lace often has patterns of flowers and these are imitations of nature, that someone somewhere designed, and the lace was then made by a machine, and then I use it to imitate flowers in my paintings. To me this represents how far removed we are from nature, and the need to return to nature.
In 2007 I received my Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting from the University of North Texas. While at North Texas I was consistently in the top ten in my program. Before my time there I was at Richland College of the Dallas County Community College District, and before that I spent a year in Los Angeles. It was in Los Angeles while working at Pearl Art Supply that I decided to go back to Texas and get my degree. I have been showing and selling works professionally since 2003, though my first juried show was actually in high school in 1995. I work at a spa in Dallas and work on my art at home in Dallas in the Lower Greenville area.

Personal Information:
Born 1978 in Dallas, TX
Resides and works in Dallas, TX

2007 University of North Texas, Bachelor of Fine Arts - Drawing and Painting
2000 - 2003 Richland College, DCCCD, Dallas, TX

Group Shows:
2009 Painted Ladies, Tractor Beam Gallery, Dallas, TX
2008 Art of Skateboarding, Janette Kennedy Gallery, South Side on Lamar, Dallas, TX
2004 recent/current/returning, Performance Hall Lobby, Richland College, Dallas, TX
2004 Spring Fling, Anthurium Art Gallery, McKinney, TX
2003 500X Christmas Show (as Guest Artist), 500X Gallery, Dallas, TX

Juried Shows:
2007 Strands, Cora Stafford Gallery, University of North Texas, Denton, TX
2007 Slippage, Lightwell Gallery, University of North Texas, Denton, TX
2006 SOVA.Intersection.2006, Denton Visual Arts Center, Denton, TX
2003 League for Innovation National Competition, Hallway Gallery, Mountain View College,
           Dallas, TX
2003 Annual Student Art Show, Lago Vista Gallery, Richland College, Dallas, TX
2002 Annual Student Art Show, Lago Vista Gallery, Richland College, Dallas, TX First place for
           design, and Honorable Mention Asel Art Award
1997 Garland Cultural Arts Commission Show, Garland Center for the Performing Arts,
           Garland, TX Second place awarded for black and white drawing
1997 Annual Garland Independent School District Student Art Show, Richardson Square Mall,
           Richardson, TX
1996 Annual GISD Student Art Show, Richardson Square Mall, Richardson, TX
1995 Annual GISD Student Art Show, Richardson Square Mall, Richardson, TX Honorable
          Mention awarded

Amy Sala

Amy Sala is third generation Oak Cliff, a small artistically diverse community south of downtown
In the past, Amy has experimented with various artistic mediums. She is self-taught and has a natural gift. In 2005 she discovered her true passion, beading. Although her work is always evolving, her eye for design, use of color, and intense attention to detail is constant, making her jewelry beautiful pieces of wearable art.
Amy works with a variety of materials, which include semi-precious stones, pearls, crystals, exotic wood, shells and various glass beads. She recently began to incorporate chain, ribbon and leather into her pieces. Rarely will you see two pieces exactly alike. Her jewelry is versatile, delightful and eclectic.
She enjoys experimenting with unexpected combinations of materials and styles. By incorporating vintage pieces and unusual thrift store finds she fashions some of her more interesting work. Working one on one with a client allows her to create a custom piece that is truly their own, expressing their distinctive personality and unique style.
 Throughout the years she has donated many pieces to non-profit organizations and fundraisers, including Shaken Baby Alliance and the Phoenix Project. She has shown solo at Salon On Bishop and alongside other talented local artists at The Wine Therapist and Chi Gallery.
Violeta Gutierrez was born in Dallas to a Cuban-American father and a mother from the American south. She was raisedVioleta Gutierrez pic in various parts of the state including East Texas, Texas Hill Country and north 

 Houston. At the age of 18 she moved to Milwaukee to receive a 2/3 tuition scholarship to the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design where she would study printmaking, photography, bookmaking and writing, and graduate in May of 2008. She currently works in a studio on McKinney Ave.

jasmine ackbar work

Artist:   Jay
Painter, Photographer, ceramicist.

Derived From: Military brat life by way of Okinawa, Japanmap

When I was young I took a drawing class and couldn't draw a straight line to save my life, so I hated art and took up band and chorus. In high school I took one ceramic class and loved it, the fact that you could get dirty and create something was appealing to me. Once I went to college I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up so I took another ceramics class, failed math, couldn't understand English Lit, or anything else I was taking. That's when I convinced myself that art was the way to go, and somewhere along the road I got good at it. I loved throwing a vase and building coil pots but I wanted more. My instructor could see my frustration and introduced me to raku clay and again I fell in love. The different glazes, setting your pieces on fire, and burning objects into a piece became an addiction! My early influence came from growing up in Japan and people watching. I wanted people to see the beauty I've seen of Asian culture and the expressions people make. After college I went into every other field but art, and now I'm back! I want to perfect my painting and drawings (Yes I still can't draw a straight line to this day). I'm also diving into photography; with a love for black/white and finding a perfect composition in everything I see.

I'm hoping to grow as an artist again, showing everything beautiful around me

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