Saturday, July 24, 2010

Call For Entry: AIR 2010 Amorphous Image Race – Deadline: Open

This open call represents a NEW creative and collaborative art space opportunity to encourage innovation and experimentation among international artists, designers and art students by challenging their talent and skills into an unexplored form of expression that will fresh thinking and broad activities, to look ahead.
An effective image is important to the success of art as any other element. An Amorphous Image Process is a new element. One that challenge your imagination on the threshold of a provocative precision, to examine a new intended media output and achieves significant breakthroughs in tomorrow’s image view.
The schemes of art and artists are always confronting the challenge of visual processes. AIR 2010 AMORPHOUS IMAGE RACE, approach art for the knowledge benefit of development. International artists, designers and art students are specially invited to explore how amorphous images are processed to innovate their concepts of image theory.

Participants could be for example: an artist working with a different approach toward thinking, in admitting if what he wants to build expects to determine what reality is and what amorphous reality is; an art or design student producing a series of “images” with a correlation into an amorphous concept. The possibilities are endless, because amorphous thinking in visual terms is an inextricably bound up with sensation and perception. In many ways, how we think is how we see and vice versa. The same mechanisms operated on both the perceptual and the intellectual level, so, these inevitably terms like concept, judgement and conclusion, have to be applied to the work of senses on the use of An Amorphous Image Process.

AIR 2010 AMORPHOUS IMAGE RACE, is now challenging international artists, designers and art students to act corporately and work in tempo, developing a further dedicated work at the intersection of art and science based on An Amorphous Image Process, regarding each field for an open and systematic enquiry into an artistic experience, that will serve as platform to develop “new art”, and consequently get it within a context of relevant critical discourse and discussions to research and to develop An Amorphous Image Process for the future, to move forward, to improve situations, to assert individuality, and to get on with life.

Submission details
AIR 2010 AMORPHOUS IMAGE RACE encourages and welcomes the participation of people from all backgrounds and does not discriminate with regard to race, sex, sexual preference, disabilities, religion, marital status, or nation of origin in its acceptance policies. There is no entry fee.
Submitted artworks should be an enquiry based on the constructive and creative process, the cognitive knowledge, instinct and intuition, to encourage and to explore the speculative and the experimental nature into the notions of image place, image space and image event.

The web call is addressed to all participants with no limitations in terms of technique adopted, to send via email (1-3) images with high resolution (Minimum 100 DPI, in GIF format), provided that they are created or completed by means of An Amorphous Image Process, and a 50-words about yourself, with the aim of collecting participants works, there are no formal deadlines; however, much of the program will occurs in September and October. All copyrights remain the property of the artists.
After artwork for submission, the identification process will be carried out, allowing the selection of the artworks forming an exhibition to be display in a web gallery, and in a site published magazine in November.

· To animate international artists, designers and art students to create works specifically based on An Amorphous Image Process.
· To elevate An Amorphous Image Process as a workshop to understand the visual effect firstly in the observer through his perception and then the image itself by introducing something totally original and visionary.
· To explore significant breakthroughs in art knowledge and understanding by challenging existing models, perceptions, research methods or modes of thought based on An Amorphous Image Process as a laboratory
· To encourage practitioners from different creative disciplines to collaborate and exchange the complexity and unpredictability of An Amorphous Image Process and its working representation.
· To create a different kind of An Amorphous Image Network (AAIN) with local and foreign institutions for creative and thinker’s collaboration based on the evolution of Amorphous Images, its research and development as a long-term project.

Timetable for the activity
· From beginning to existence.
Project submitted by Kevin Sarmiento Navarro
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