Wednesday, July 14, 2010

News from Kettle Art in Dallas

Kettle Art

"The Venue was a vertible imaginarium, with visions that didn't quite make it on the stage. "
Andrew Tolentino - Pegasus News   

eyetunes by Scott Mankoff
Eye Tunes is an exhibit of musical artists who also create visual art. This show includes Gary Myrick of Gary Myrick & the Figures, Barry Kooda of Nervebreakers / the Cartwrights, Luke Harnden of Maleveller, Amber Farris of Somebodys Darling, Mike Graff from Course of Empire, Mark Ridlen formerly of Quad Pi & Lithium X Mas, Cricket Taylor of the Electromagnets, Clay Pendergrass of Morning Elephant, Richard Ross formerly of Brutal Juice, Scott Mankoff, Chad Evans, Michaela Kuenster, Susan Carson and Kimberly Castrellon of Bandmates, Bob Hardy and more.
Mark Nelson / Happy Bullets
 Happy Bullets cover art by Mark S Nelson
Several selected artists that have done visual art for the music industry professionally such as Mark Nelson, Cabe Booth, Erica Felicella, James Bland, Frank Campagna, Tyson Summers, Richard Ross and Jason Janik are also be included.
Gary 'She Talks in Stereo' Myrick
Limited Edition prints by Gary Myrick
Note; This show ties in w/ the Gary Myrick and the Figures show at Trees on 7 / 16, the Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase on 7 / 17, and Nervebreakers playing at Trees on 7 /24.

Showing now through Saturday, 7/ 24

DEEP Artwalk
Sketch Sanitorium Returns
This Friday 7 / 16 
The one and only / amazing Richard Ross aka Dicky Vantastic returns with his open to all Sketch Sanitorium at 7:00 PM. This session is FREE and open to the public. So gather up your pencils, paints and pads and be prepared to utilize and / or socialize w/ many of like mind.

Open Call

Thursday 7 / 22 - 7:00PM 
We are finally in a position to annouce a new call for artists. There are several large scale mural projects in the works. As you may be aware we've played a crucial role in putting together several projects in the past in an ongoing effort to make Deep Ellum the mural capital of the Southwest. Not one, nor two, but three projects will be announced. Please bring your portfolio and / or examples of your work for consideration. All projects will be paying gigs w/ begining and ending deadlines. Previous large scale experience is prefered but not manditory and please do not inquire for details prior to this date. thanks !

Summer Camp
Opening Saturday 7 / 31 
This upcoming show reflects directly to those miserable adventures many of us had to endure smack dab in the middle of our time out of school, way back when.  On a more positive note it also focuses in on the type of creative arts & crafts we'd knock out while at camp. Imagine real artists like you see regularly at Kettle working w/ materials such as popsicle sticks, macaroni, glittler etc... You get the idea, More details coming soon.
Kettle Art hours of operation are Thursday - Saturday, 7:00 - 10:00PM

As you can see we're still on the ball, playing it hard and ready to rock. More to be revealed as time continues on and we all pull together to make it happen.
Thank you all for your contuinued love and support.

Kettle Art

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