Friday, July 23, 2010

Art Gallery Interview: GALLERY 46 Rockville Connecticut

What is the name of your Gallery or Artspace:

What is your name and what is your position at the Gallery:
Melissa Ralston-Jones
Executive Director

Describe your Gallery space:
We are a non-profit art gallery located in historic downtown Rockville CT. Our mission is: Gallery 46 is dedicated to enriching the cultural landscape of Rockville CT. Through the exhibition of emerging and established artists Gallery 46 will focus on the richness and diversity of all art forms and making it accessible to the community.

How long has the gallery been open:
The Grand Opening was June 5th but we’ve been getting the space ready since March of 2010.

What was the impetus to start the Gallery:
I live in an economically challenged area that lacks an availability of the arts and felt this gallery could make a difference in our community.

Tell us more about the Studio:
Gallery 46 is 1000 sq feet of indoor wall space along with an outdoor courtyard for entertaining. We have two large windows for sculpture exhibits each show. One wall is brick giving our space the look of a soho art gallery in NYC. The other wall white.

Do you have exhibits:
Yes every 5-6 weeks we offer a new exhibit. Our second show is a photography exhibit, third show is an abstract art exhibit, fourth show we plan to do a live graffiti exhibition, and fifth show will be steampunk.

What type of work do you showcase:
We show all art forms from regional and local artists that demonstrate artistic talent. We like new and cutting edge art and prefer to show what traditional art organizations do not show…we do plan on showing some traditional and representational work over the year but the focus will be on art work that does not fall into these categories. We especially like working with younger art students and emerging artists who have not had the opportunity to display their work in a gallery. We want to be able to give these artists their first show.

Do you work with local artists or artists from all over:
We will work with anyone who would like to do a show with us, and that believes in our mission.

Do you add new artists regularly and if so what is the process in which you select them:
We ask artists to bring in their work to look at and then discuss what show they will fit into or they can come to us with a group of artists they would like a show with and we fit them into our schedule.. At this time we do not offer solo exhibits though this will change as we approach our second year.

As a gallery what do you look for when reviewing artists:
It is imperative that all work is presented well: framed and matted properly, wired to hang, and the work itself has artistic talent and value.

What is the most frustrating thing you have to deal with when it comes to artists:
Work not being “ready-to-hang”. The gallery does not like being in the position of having to re-mat, re-wire or re-frame any work that does not look presentable.

What is your personal favorite exhibition from the gallery, past or present, and why:
We just started I don’t think my favorite exhibit has come yet However I am a huge fan of abstract Art so our next show on August 20th I will be looking forward too.

How many shows do you have each year:
About ten…though some shows may be cut shorter and others extended depending on the needs of the artist or the gallery at that time. So the number can increase… But our plan is to put up a new show every 6 weeks.

What is a typical event like at the Studio:
We offer a reception for each show that includes music, horsdeovres and drinks. The gallery spills out back to our courtyard where people can relax, listen to the music and socialize. We have had only two events but both have had huge turnouts of 150 or more people. So we are really encouraged!

Just for fun who is your favorite artist, living or dead, and what about their work moves you: 
I am a huge fan of minimalism and conceptual art… I love Richard Serra, I love that he can take these massive steel forms and manipulate them and they feel so overpowering when you are next to them and unmovable so it is amazing what he was able to do with these steel forms and how they make one feel when standing next to them. I also am a huge fan of Joseph Dosio…an artist I personally knew and grew up with as a child...he did a lot with Kinetic sculpture and using objects people threw away and turned them into beautiful works of art. Anytime an artist can take what someone else has disregarded or what someone sees as practical and turn it into something beautiful and give it new meaning I am in awe….
My favorite Museum is the DIA in Beacon NY….

What new things do you have in store for this year:
We have a live graffiti exhibit in September. We are looking forward to this. We hope to attract a lot of local young students and artists to our venue to hopefully be a part of what GALLERY 46.

Do you have any up coming exhibit that you would like to tell us about:
ABSTRACTION-featuring 13 abstract artists Friday August 20th 7-9pm…includes drinks, food, and music

Gallery Name GALLERY 46
Location 46 Union Street Vernon-Rockville CT 
Phone 860-454-8822
Contact Person Melissa Ralston-Jones
Were also on facebook – GALLERY 46

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