Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vincent Falsetta Lecture Tyler Museum of Art Thursday May 20

Thursday, May 20, artist Vincent Falsetta will offer a lecture on abstract art from the Tyler Museum of Art’s Classroom, from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. Visitors may observe an example of Falsetta’s artwork which is included in New Works: Highlights from the Permanent Collection.

About Vincent Falsetta
Vincent is a Professor at the University of North Texas.

My paintings though distinctly abstract tend to suggest waves of sound, water, light or seismic activity. There is a feeling of a steady electric flow, somewhat like a visual electro-magnetic field that pulls the eye in every direction simultaneously. The paintings evoke the natural world while acknowledging the technology that measures or records it. The paintings are carefully planned and a deliberateness of hand is used. The predetermined systems I use do allow for a certain degree of improvisation. The paintings unfold as I make them - at times surprising or confounding my expectations. I am also interested in the actual physical properties of the paint, the plasticity of the medium and the painting as an object. I brush on, blend, and drag thick oil paint into wet oil paint using various hand pressures, rhythms and speeds of movement producing pulsing multi-hued abstractions. This process is a form of indexing the moment. It records labor over time.
Vincent FalsettaFebruary, 2009

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